Otto Hintze, former missionary, professor, mission exec, dies

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  1. Jim Martin says:

    What an inspiration Dr Hintze was for me!

  2. Uncle Otto, as we called him growing up, always visited our home when we lived in Glendale, MO and he would come back to report and raise funds. I have vivid and dear memories–and some small sea shells on a cardboard backing that he gave to me as a reminder of the mission in New Guinea.

    He was an inspiration to me to desire to become a pastor in the LCMS. I initially applied to St. Louis sem in 1973 when the walkout occurred. I was besieged with materials from both sides and decided to postpone my sem experience. At age 50, God remembered and sent me to sem. Today I serve an LCMS congregation in Lancaster, CA.

    What a God we serve!

  3. One of my favorite ministers. I knew him several years and he always that smile that lite a room. He will be missed and welcomed in Heaven.

  4. Joelle Neider says:

    Otto and Jill Hintze extended great hospitality and kindness to me and my family during our time in St. Louis while my husband was at seminary, and I had the opportunity to get to know them and their life stories. On hearing their stories then, I recognized the great faith they had to go forward as missionaries in New Guinea. On reading this article today, I see how many lives they changed from taking that step of faith. Thank you Lord, for the extraordinary things that you did through the life of Otto Hintze!

  5. betty mau says:

    she came to my village and my grade father welcome her !! first my Grade father thought that them were God and he wait outside and he saw them went to toilet after 20minutes my grad father went there to check their toilet and he pickup the toilet and he eat it !! its very funny during these days

  6. betty mau says:

    i am looking for Bill karlneck and all Karlneck family !! First Lutheran in Wabag Enga Province PNG..Mark Karlnec and them…

  7. Elia MacNell Andrew says:

    I am sorry to hear his passing.He was in Enga and he and his wife and family took care of my daddy whose father Andrew who was an evangelist that was a brother to Hintze. He came for His last visit to Enga and then to Lae when dad and the family went to visit him and His wife at Martin Luther Seminary. That was the last time we met and shared their memories about dad and their children, especially Kathryn,David,Margaret and Charles when they were kids at Yaramanda,Enga Province. Both of them are like grandparents to us the children here in Lae,PNG. We send our sincere condolence to the family and pray that God will take care of you all and may Doctor Hintze Rest In Peace.

  8. Rev. James Walburg says:

    Professor Hintze had a great influence on me while I was a student at Concordia Seminary, Springfield 1971-1975. At that time Prof Hintze was starting evangelism training in area congregations. My wife and I volunteered to be a part of this venture and were blessed by his training and example. His enthusiasm for evangelism had a lasting impact on my 40 years of ministry in serving four Calls, three of which were mission congregations. I know he influenced many other students in the same way. His legacy lives on in the lives of those he taught and trained. May God bless his memory and the seeds he planted in the lives of so many.