New series spotlights Luther’s writings

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  1. Donald Collins says:

    How often will these writings appear on the LCMS website? Very interested in reading them. If you can, please email me each time you publish on the website. Thank you.

    Please respond back.

  2. Elise Hougesen says:

    I like reading Martin Luther a lot, since re-connecting with him and the Church a couple of months ago. I bought a copy of the readable Lutheran Confessions and am amazed at Luther’s depth and spirituality. In this Gnostic world, it is easy to not see with clarity. Luther was not fooled. Few saints experience that I am nothing, God is all. I like that you are beginning this series on Luther’s writings.

  3. Salina Fedrick says:

    I am also interested in reading these writings. Will you be sending them out periodically? I would also like to notified when you put them on the website. Thanks so much.