Harrison announces slate for LCMS first vice-president

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  1. Jim Butler says:

    Didn’t VP Preus also serve a term as 1st VP from 2001-2004?

  2. George Menghi says:

    Rev. Dr. Raymond Hartwig

    Is there a term limit on the job of President ?

    If not, there should be. We lost out on a couple of excellent candidates for the job this year.

    It is my philosophy that a person should not be in a critical job too long-three terms is too long for LCMS President. I would think that someone in this key position for a church, would self-limit himself, just like George Washington did as our first president.

    George Menghi
    Gethsemane Lutheran
    Houston, Texas

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your question. According to the bylaws of the LCMS, there are no term limits for the office of the president.

  3. Paul Haynes says:

    We were Blessed to keep President Harrison a humble leader a forgiven man of God forgiven like you and me by the Death on the Cross of Jesus who took all our sins upon himself. We as a synod need to pray for President Harrison every day as he prays for the Synod each day.

    I am no official in the LCMS but he has prayed for my Pastor and become a true friend thru many messages to him he always finds the time to answer them.

    My God the Father Son and Holy Spirit continue to Bless Him