Commentary: Theology — the ‘breath’ of Concordia University System

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  1. Patrick Erickson says:

    “The best words in their best order” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge, 1772-1843. Well said.

  2. Ronald H.Roby says:

    Indeed, Christ is risen! To demonstrate how profound and threatening that statement, let me give you an example.

    We placed a simple cross on our property in Buncombe County, North Carolina with those words across the front, Chist is Risen. It was stolen! When we reported the theft to the Sheriff’s office and suggested that this was a hate crime we were told no this was simply the larceny of a sign, end of discussion.

    Now why am I making a fuss over this.
    According to the sheriff’s office the sign was not defaced ergo it is simply a theft. Can you more effectively de-face a sign than by removing it? If you spray paint over it, that is defacing but stealing the sign, that is not de-facing! But, but there is no face left! Theft of the sign is indeed de’facing the sign.

    So again why are you so upset? Well because you see Buncombe County has as it’s county seat, Asheville, a/k/a San Francisco East. It is so welcoming of all peoples that you take your life in your hands posting a sign which says: He is Risen! ,God forbid that we should discriminate against transgenderites by insisting that they use the public facilities designed and made available for their gender. No if they feel they are some other gender then they are entitled to use the facilities which are suitable for their perceived gender whether or not they make other people uncommfortable!

    But some one who puts up a cross on their front yard, it is alright to make them feel uncomfortable! Lift High the Cross Concordia!

  3. Leroy Vogel says:

    Wonderful article, Dean. I sure hope it gets the distribution it deserves. God’s choicest blessings as you serve our Lord and His Church in this essential posirion. -Skip

  4. Rev. Blake A. Rickbeil says:

    What an excellent way to be kerygmatic about our Lord and how we as the Church are to influence society in all we do.Our Lord said to go, baptize, and teach. The Concordia University System (CUS) has one of the greatest opportunities to shine the light of Christ unto all the world through the very nature of the diversity of its student population. Rev. Dr. Wenthe, all our CUS presidents, and boards keep up the diligent work of being faithful so that the lost may be found, the sin filled forgiven, and the Gospel of Lord may be proclaimed to the ends of the earth!