Black Ministry convocation brings people together in worship, learning, fellowship

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  1. McNair Ramsey says:

    Dear Readers:

    The 2017 Black Ministry Family Convocation was an exceptional event. The Workshops provided extra ways for local congregation members in attendance ideas in how to be better witnesses for Jesus in their communities.
    I was invited to preach the Word for Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Sunday, July 23rd for the vacationing Pastor Meredith Jackson and that congregation shared how those in attendance benefitted from the convocation.
    What a joy it was to hear their experiences and to wish that members of all churches in Black Ministry could be in attendance of the convocation. What a mountain top experience we all had at the convocation

  2. Enjoyed the sessions; especially the morning devotions.The opening worship and the closing worship services.

    Thanks for honoring the Immanuel seven a well deserved honor.

    Douglas Shamburger

  3. Great to read this. Thanks for outstanding leadership Rev Roosevelt Gray

  4. Sharon Plawin says:

    Thank you for the comprehensive report on the Black Ministry Convocation…. and for sharing the inspiring messages and ideas for sharing and living God’s Word… I loved the young man asking for advice on how to avoid temptations in today’s world… we need to do more in preparing our young people for what they’ll face and how to navigate the world in which they live…. I loved being reminded that Jesus was the child of unwed parents, not welcomed or celebrated by many… that He was a radical reformer….. I loved being challenged to proclaim God’s Word by being a neighbor to the neighbors He sends our way…. by being better husbands and wives… and I loved being challenged…. that we need to give Jesus our best as Mary did when she anointed Jesus’ feet. Thank you for highlighting God’s Word. Sharon Plawin