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Movie review: ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’

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  1. Kathy Lane says:

    Wow! I admit I’m a ‘Plant of the Apes’ groupie! Grew up watching them, re-watching them on TV and now watching them on DVD to refresh myself prior to the movie experience.

    Your review is so enlightening, so now I want to go back to the first remake and re-watch again to catch the implications within. I am not a avid sci-fi buff, but these have always captivated me! Thanks for the review as well no ‘spoilers’ to speak of!

  2. When I saw this movie I absolutely did not think it was the best in the series at all. I actually thought the opposite. I do love your interpretation of it and will watch it again with those thoughts in my head.

  3. Dawn Reeder says:

    Whille a good review (much better than some “Christian” reviews that read as if the writers never even saw the films) I will question the Colonel & his unit of fanatical rogues are in any way Christian. The sight of some symbols aside the movie, and the novelized prequel, made it clear Colonel disbelieved in the Triune God. Instead, he and his followers believed humanity itself was the “beginning & the end”. Much like Hitler had with his beliefs regarding the ” supior ” human race. Not to mention Hitler was deluded to believe he was a messiah. At the time frame of the film the reason there was only one good human seen was any soldiers who had a shard of conscious had already fled Colonel’s unit due to the type of orders he was giving. As for young Nova and those like her, while the mutated virus robed of speech it didn’t seem with her anyway that all her cognitive abilities were taken. She had been adopted by the orangutan Maurice as a daughter. As one of the tribe. Not a pet.

  4. Greg Hasseldahl says:

    It’s interesting to note that the “apes” in these movies display the whites of the eyes. This doesn’t occur in the natural world. Only human beings have a white sclera!

  5. Dawn Reeder says:

    The changed eye color of the apes is a side-effect of the ALZ 111, 112, & 113 virus. What’s also interesting is the manufactured virus meant to originally to “cure” Alzheimer’s by repairing/enhancing certain areas of the brain in the films somewhat hinted what would happen. In the first film when a scientist tried the ALZ 111 on his ailing father the father was “cured” for 5 years before the illness returned tenfold. Now consider the stronger strain (113) was released by accident to the human population by the first film’s ending. By the 3rd film, it seems more likely it wasn’t merely a mutation…but a natural end result. The critical error was not just the scientists assuming animals & humans “evolved” in the first place…they also assumed God’s unique design of DNA & Genetics was transferrable.