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LCMS President Harrison comments after ruling in Judge Neely case

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  1. David Berger says:

    Censured under the cross of Christ: surely a qualification most appropriate for inclusion in Judge Neely’s vita in this sex/gender confused culture. Christians must remember that the LGBT,etc., agenda is not tolerance, but mandatory acceptance of and acquiescence to certain behaviors.

    In their decision not to remove Judge Neely from the bench, the Wyoming Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics express their intent not to “unnecessarily circumscribe protected expression,” If the expression is “protected,” what is the reason for censure?

    We do indeed live in a topsy-turvy world when even people charged with interpreting the law cannot think clearly and express themselves in a contradictory manner.

  2. After apostasising from the Christian faith Western Civilization is in the pronouncement of the punishment which its own sins decreed and is used to be that punishment. Antichrist from many areas of society are persecuting the faithful as the Romans did before their fall in 450 A.D.

    These incidents are only the beginning of the coelesing of the enemies of Christ against His church.

    As the Irish Remissionizd Europe back to the true faith so we in Western Civ need the same reevangelization of the truth stoutly defended.

  3. Carl Vehse says:

    Here is the Wyoming State Supreme Court’s 3-2 opinion in the case of Judge Ruth Neely v. Wyoming Commission onJudicial Conduct and Ethics, Justices Kate M. Fox, James Burke and William U. Hill , majority (pp. 1-32), Justices Keith G. Kautz and Michael K. Davis, dissenting (see pp. 33-56).

  4. Carl Vehse says:

    Regarding the Wyoming Supreme Court majority’s anti-Christian attack on Judge Neely, Missouri Synod pastors and congregations should recall this explanation from The Large Catechism on the Third Petition in the Lord’s Prayer:

    69] Such prayer, then, is to be our protection and defense now, is to repel and put down all that the devil, Pope, bishops, tyrants, and heretics can do against our Gospel. Let them all rage and attempt their utmost, and deliberate and resolve how they may suppress and exterminate us, that their will and counsel may prevail: over and against this one or two Christians with this petition alone shall be our wall against which they shall run and dash themselves to pieces. 70] This consolation and confidence we have, that the will and purpose of the devil and of all our enemies shall and must fail and come to naught, however proud, secure, and powerful they know themselves to be. For if their will were not broken and hindered, the kingdom of God could not abide on earth nor His name be hallowed.