Reporter Supplement: Eyes of Life

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  1. Robert Bjornstad says:

    In the November 2017 Reporter there was an insert titled: “Eyes of Life”. Under current issues there was a quote from Carol Tobias, National Right to Life, Committee President. She was calling for support in addressing the problem of assisted suicide. I live in Oregon, the first state to make assisted suicide legal, in 1997. Over the twenty years 1,127 people have died from ingesting the drugs that were legally prescribed them under the law. I could not find the exact number of suicides by gun shoot over that same time; but for the nine years 2003-2012 I found that 3,169 Oregonians took their life by gun shoot. That means that suicide by gun is nearly six times the problem that assisted suicide is. I would certainly consider the gun issue to be a life issue. Could you find a quote from Carol Tobias that addresses the prevalence of guns in our society?

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. We suggest contacting Carol Tobias for the quote.