Supreme Court delivers landmark ruling in favor of LCMS church preschool

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  1. Hallaluia! A victory for Trinity Lutheran and for our religious liberties.

  2. Heather Olsen says:

    Thank you God. Maybe our country is beginning to turn around!

  3. Carol Sherrill says:

    The Justices got it right that this case does not demonstrate government support for a particular religious doctrine. An opposite decision would have radiated 1st Ammenddment discrimination given the structure of the grant. The glory be to God.

  4. Tina says:

    I am very thankful and joyful for this decision. But cautious in my joy with the many bad decisions that various courts continuously make against state rights for life, marriage and religious liberty. The real problem is that the federal government and federal courts have strayed from their constitutional moorings. The real, foundational solution is an Article V – Convention of States for proposing amendments. The president of ADF, Michael Farris, is co-founder of the group working to achieve 34 state resolutions for a Convention of States. This is the real, lasting solution. I urge all brothers and sisters in Christ to become familiar with the resolution and your state’s response to implement it.

    1. Elsa says:

      So glad that my state of North Dakota was number 10 to pass the COS resolution.

      1. Tina says:

        Wonderful! My state of Ohio is working hard to be next.

  5. Greg Hasseldahl says:

    It’s important to read the dissenting opinion by Sotomayor and Ginsburg too.

    1. D. Sonntag says:


  6. Paul Steiner says:

    We can only hope!

  7. Kathy Patton says:

    The mighty hand of God is guiding our Courts honestly and correctly. America is One Nation under God.

  8. Teresa Green says:

    This ruling is encouraging and sets precedence for future cases of narrow mindedness in government organizations toward churches.

  9. Ron OKC says:

    I, for one, am not so joyous. This case and the recent Hosanna-Tabor case trouble me —- have we become all about litigation? Is “beat them in the courtroom” our new gospel? Was not the better course the one which actually happened; Missouri (the State) changed her position as opposed to a church (or a Synod) winning by suing? Relying on secular courts is a fool’s game as courts can change over time. We must win hearts, not judges.

    The dissent actually makes an interesting point: Trinity Lutheran’s stated goal is to evangelize by Gospel proclamation, so is this not providing government money in order that Trinity can achieve her outreach objective? Would we be so celebratory if a Satanist movement demanded government money for its facility so they can tell children all about the greatness of humanism or witchcraft? While a playground is not religious per se, the organization’s motives are purely (and rightly, I might add) religious.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment.

      The state actually invited nonprofits, including Trinity, to apply for grants from the Playground Scrap Tire Surface Materials Grant Program that was administered by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR). As you likely know, the grant program recycles scrap tires into rubber playground surfaces in an attempt to reduce the amount of tires in landfills and to foster children’s safety. After listing Trinity among the top applicants, the Missouri DNR later decided Trinity’s learning center was ineligible for the program — a determination made solely on an interpretation of a state-constitution provision prohibiting government aid to religion.

      Also, the LCMS was not a party to the litigation. However, last year, the Synod participated in an amicus brief for the case. Amicus briefs provide pertinent information to the court regarding a case and alert the court to the ways in which the case may affect people outside of the two parties involved. The complete amicus brief is available for download at

    2. Tina says:

      We are not all about litigation! Our churches, schools and service agencies are full of sharing the Gospel. But we dare not take for granted the freedom to do that. Satan is always lying in wait to chip away at freedom. Freedom must be defended to allow us to proclaim and live the Gospel. Freedom to proclaim the Gospel, believe and worship AND freedom to live our faith in the world.

      Freedom of religion and freedom of speech apply to all faiths and people, not just those we agree with. That does not make us want to take away the freedom of others. It makes us work harder and pray more fervently that faith in the true God wins out.