LCMS convention passes resolutions on racism, care for immigrants and gender identity

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  1. Richard Teague says:

    It is of paramount importance that the bible truly is your supreme authority. The day you choose political correctness over the word of God with no conviction of sin is when God will take your light out of its place. The institutional churches have been infiltrated by the goats. It’s only a matter of time before they creep into leadership positions. God will save His own and His true children will leave the institutional churches and meet elsewhere when this happens. I have read Martin Luther’s comments on homosexuality and he was against it vehemently. I pray that the LCMS will not cave into the world. If sin becomes no longer sin then the gospel will lose its power to save.

  2. Dolly Kalhorn says:

    God gave us laws to follow, not to make him love us more (or even less) but to give order to our world. There are laws established in this country to permit immigrants to enter and live here. I love all my neighbors, but if I know that someone has broken the law by sneaking over our border illegally and lives here illegally, then he has sinned. My responsibility as a citizen and as a Christian is not to encourage the sin by pretending it isn’t a sin. If the law is unjust, then laws can be changed but breaking the law is wrong. I will love my neighbor, no matter what. I will encourage him to repent, but I can not condone breaking a law.