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LCMS presidential election: Candidate Q&A

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  1. Justin Walker says:

    I’m disappointed. I’m disappointed the questions and format resembles a job interview. I’m disappointed by the politco-corp-speak the is riddled throughout. And I’m most disappointed about a proposal for a cathedral model of ministry that turns the clergy into consultants fulfilling service level agreements based on how much they are getting paid. The model doesn’t seem to grasp the irony of proposing a ministry whose slogan is as soon as the contract is paid, the sacraments be conveyed. I want to put the proposal in its best light and don’t want to dissuade efforts to solve these issues, but the second bullet point of The Plan in the linked document was sad.

  2. Thomas David says:

    LCMS plays major role in partner churches. Please elect wisely. We shouldn’t be dividing the churches.