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Statement on the death of George Floyd and the ensuing riots

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  1. Kurtis says:

    The death of George Floyd was, indeed, tragic, but as more details have come to light about the interaction that led to his death, can’t we acknowledge that we’ve deliberately been told a narrative that’s not entirely truthful? The initial autopsy showed heart failure as the likely cause of death, followed by a toxicology report that showed a mix of often-fatal drugs in his system. The recently released body-cam footage shows George clearly in a panic and saying “I can’t breathe” before being held on the ground, where he asked to be subdued instead of the back of the police car. A politically motivated AG has severely overcharged the officer who put the knee on George’s neck and especially the others around. They will not, and should not, be charged with murder. As is mentioned in the statement above, injustice can’t be corrected by more injustice. It would also be wildly unjust to determine the actions of the specific officer as having been motivated by racism. There has been no evidence to justify THAT charge. The churches have reflexively responded to a narrative that isn’t supported by the truth. While all death is tragic—and we can even say it’s especially tragic at the hands of officers—the facts, which have been around and widely ignored by churches since this whole situation began, show that police killings of unarmed black men are exceptionally rare occurrences—not the epidemic we’ve been told to believe. Is it loving to ignore the truth in this case? Is it loving to perpetuate fear in an entire demographic? Tell the truth and tell the ultimate truth—the gospel. Quit spending Sunday’s in the pulpit telling congregants that they’re racist for being white. Churches who embrace the message Of Black Lives Matter(tm) are actively removing Jesus from the cross and pretending that He never said, “it is finished.” They’re inserting a false gospel and telling God that his grace isn’t sufficient.

    Of course we should fight for justice and love our neighbors as we love ourselves, but I refuse to be taken by a false narrative that has shoved the gospel aside and our pastors should stand up against it as well. I refuse the ideology that tells me I’m not just plagued by sin that can be washed clean through the death of Christ, but also with an evil that seeps deeper than my skin, but solely based on the color of my skin alone! And the only way to atone for it is through anti-racism training? And even THAT will only go so far? This is a false gospel. Reject it. Follow the word of God, not Robin DiAngelo.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comments. They have been shared with our leadership.