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An Affirmation of Marriage

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  1. Cindy Baumann says:

    I pray that the Christian community will be bold in stating their belief that marriage was established by God and should not be changed. The gay community has been out “pounding the pavement” demanding what they want. The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
    As Christians are we going to sit passively by and allow these radical changes? We too need to be out pounding the pavement, making our voices to be heard. We need to BOLDLY stand up for what our God intended. We need our pastors and strong lay leaders to form a plan and lead us in our fight to maintain the Christian family as it is. God never intended for us to be weak and passive. We are Christians and citizens of the United States. We must fight for our religious freedoms, not throw our hands up and say, “There’s nothing we can do!” With God’s help, all things are possible! So…”Onward Christian soldiers, Marching as to war, with the cross of Jesus going on before. Christ the royal master, leads against the foe; forward into battle see His banners go!”

    1. Gretchen says:

      I agree with Cindy. The Supreme Court is in the process of making a decision about this that will effect all of us for a very long time. We should be praying for them, but also we should really be OUT THERE DOING SOMETHING, and speaking up. We Lutherans are too shy and quiet, but also need good leadership to get things going.

  2. Michael says:

    I have been exceedingly disappointed in the LC_MS’s attempts to address the issues of homosexuality and marriage. It is good about writing statements or studies that few people will ever read. Instead of using the popular media, such as the Internet, newspapers, radio and television, it is content to talk only with itself.

    1. John F says:


      How ironic that you choose to complain about the LCMS only talking to itself on a post announcing that the LCMS has made a joint statement with three other church bodies. Clearly the LCMS isn’t only talking to itself. Looks like you have an axe to grind.

  3. Doyle Theimer says:

    Statements are good for clarity. People need to know where we stand. As Western societies fall away from the cultural assumptions of Christendom, they are likely to be put off by strident and militant activism on behalf of traditional values. If churches can cultivate such a spiritual life in Christ Jesus that their members actually display the blessings of living according to God’s word, their witness will be compelling, perhaps especially to those who have experienced the brokenness and turmoil that inevitably result from living according to their own selfish desires. If, in the political arena, compromise is required, we ought to insist that marriage be defined in terms of sexual faithfulness, and seek the curtailment of no-fault divorce. Let there be civil unions for those who desire non-exclusive and easily dissoluble unions. Statistically, same sex unions tend to involve more openness to outside sexual affairs, and tend to be less enduring. I doubt that a more rigorous standard for legal marriage would appeal to many of them, even if it were an option available to them. And shifting the focus away from issues of homosexual vs. heterosexual to covenant faithfulness would be consistent with the biblical heart of marriage, wherein we learn to imitate the Father’s covenant faithfulness.

  4. David says:

    Let’s remember 2 things: separation of church and state- if LCMS doesn’t want to marry 2 people of the same sex, then don’t. Government should not have anything to say about marriage. If marriage really is a Biblical thing, then each church should decide who is and who is not eligible to be married. Secondly, GOD will do the judging on the last day, not you!