Congregations advised to make own decisions on Boy Scouts involvement

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  1. Darrin Urbytes says:

    In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. – – – Judges 17:6 (ESV)

    1. John J Flanagan says:

      Darrin, your statement is astute, and taken from God’s word. We are living at a time when many Christians want it both ways….to have Jesus and the world at the same time. To be accepted by this falling society is important to many formerly more orthodox Lutherans who have found it easier to dispense with conscience and appease those who wickedly advance an anti-Christian agenda. After all, they will say, isn’t it better to remain in the scouts and reflect Christ’s accepting love and tolerance, and try to transform young minds by Christian example? Yet, in their foolish and willful ignorance of reality, and the motivations of the leadership of the scouts, they fail to consider that Christian principles are unwelcome, thank you! I have stated my opposition to the LCMS position on this issue, but I may as well speak to the wind, because, as you have pointed out in Judges 17:6 “Everyone did hat was right in his own eyes…”

  2. John J Flanagan says:

    Having read the Memorandum of Understanding, it appears the Scouts have won over the church, as the cultural drift continues to push the lines further toward the progressive agenda of ensuring that Christian convictions remain negotiable and tepid. Furthermore, as those within the LCMS who prefer a more social and less Biblical Christian faith felt a sigh of relief with the creation of this worthless Memorandum, now they can relax for a while longer, happily supporting the platform of an anti-Christian organization which neither respects the caveat of the LCMS, nor intends to end the call for the affirmation of homosexuality now or in the future. Perhaps, when the scout leadership cites the LCMS as still too discriminatory for the taste of progressives, and when in the not so distant future homosexual scoutmasters become reality….then maybe a few LCMS pastors and congregations, but not all, will find some backbone and conscience. Of course, for the purposes of negotiation, perhaps another Memorandum of Understanding will be written to excuse the continuation of LCMS participation in scouting. Such documents are often needed when it is necessary to participate in something every Christian knows is inherently adversarial to God’s word. Martin Luther, for all his flaws, was a follower of Jesus, and he would never have compromised with the scouts as the LCMS, which purports to follow Christ, is doing today. The decision to offer LCMS congregations compromising guidelines on this issue is reprehensible and shameful.