CPH offers free trial of online giving resource

Comments (2)
  1. Thomas House says:

    Like most “great” ideas that seem to spew forth from CPH this is a program designed for big churches. If every single giver in my congregation used eGiving we just might recover the monthly web hosting costs. And do not forget the per transactions fees for debit/credit cards 2.75% + .45 doesn’t seem like much, non the less it can take a bite out of the smaller givers donations. And while there is indeed the POSSIBLITY of more consistent giving there is no guarantee that it will off set the transaction fees.

    1. Michael Jenkins says:

      Great to see that CPH caters to BOTH small churches and big churches. If eGiving is too pricey for a small church, the envelopes are a great option. But if a big Lutheran Church (Thomas, there are many of them out there!) needs a more economical way to offer giving, then this is a cool option too. It’s always important to cater to everyone – not JUST small or JUST big. Kudos CPH!