Synod vicar bears witness in hard-hit Moore, Okla.

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  1. Tony B. says:

    Breaks my heart to see this destruction and peoples lives turned upside down. Hope is in Christ Jesus, for he is strongest at our time of weakness. We must remember His suffering on the cross brings us close to Him for He too knows pain and loss. Its also in His resurrection that we know that our time on earth is only temporary but the glory of God is forever and that we too, who call Him savior, will have ever lasting life.
    Pray for those effected by this tragedy. That they can feel the peace of God, the Holy Spirit and of Christ Jesus, the Blessed Trinity. That they can come closer to Him. Pray for those have not heard His word, that they can come to know his Peace and Glory and share everlasting life in the world to come. Pray this in His glorious name…Amen

  2. Jim Torgerson says:

    Christ is the Light of the world…in His Light, we will always see light…Let us pray for those who suffer loss in Moore, that our Lord will comfort them and give them immeasurable peace. For those of us more fotunate to be spared this disaster, let our hearts and minds be open to the Gospel of Christ Crucified and Risen to reach out as Church to assist with the reconstruction of this community, both in a physical sense and in a spiritual sense. God bless the ministry of Vicar Uphoff, now and in the future.

  3. Lou Ann says:

    He is my vicar at Trinity in Norman. What a blessing he must have been yesterday in Moore. God bless you Vicar

  4. Janice Marshall says:

    This young man did so much good!

  5. Lois Ballard says:

    PRAISE GOD for what YOU did Aaron!!! What a HORRIBLE time for that area but what a GIFT you brought to them!! JESUS CHRIST!
    I was going to go looking for a place to make a donation to help…where ALL of it would go directly to “work” and knew the Missouri Synod would have a place!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for pressing forward, getting in to the roughest area, and helping. God bless your efforts.

  7. Richard Schneider says:

    This is great! I met Vicar Aaron just a little over two weeks ago when he brought a group of students to work at Camp Restore in New Orleans, LA. It turns out he and I are “neighbors” in that he came from Beason, in central IL and I live and work in Kenney, only 5 miles away! God bless him for his efforts in Moore and during his ongoing vicarage in Norman!

  8. Søren S. Urberg says:

    It is good to hear that Vicar Uphoff has been able to be of help to many during these difficult days in Oklahoma. During his two years as field worker at St. Paul’s in Fort Wayne, it became obvious to me (as a member there and as a retired pastor) that he is a seminarian who truly has a grasp of how the Ministry of the Gospel should in fact be regarded. We thank God that such an unusually fine seminarian was in the place where he is at this time.

  9. Lou Linnemeier says:


    Aaron -What a blessing you have been to the people of Moore. I (WE)knew while you were here at St. Paul’s (Ft. Wayne), that you would be a tremendous minister and comfort with whomever you would come in contact. God has blessed you with a wonderful way to communicate with those who need the comfort, love and peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ. May God continue to bless you in your service to Him. We look forward to your return to Ft. Wayne.

  10. R. Schaulat says:

    Vicar Uphoff has been such a blessing from God. He has been wonderful with the University of Oklahoma college group. He and the college group just returned from Camp Restore in NOLA the evening of May 18 after a full week of helping those in need from the disaster there. Then, on May 20, he goes out to help those hurting from this disaster. We praise God for such a blessing this young man has been!

  11. T Anne says:

    Very soon I guarantee there will be men and women of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod there among the rubble helping to clean up and retrieve and hopefully serve in that way as they usually do……perhaps through their fraternal group known as AAL/Thrivent!

  12. Rod Stoll says:

    Well done, Vicar Aaron! Thank you for your good work in delivering His comfort and confidence to those who were shaken last week. These tragic storms are a reminder of how temporary things are in this world. It’s tough to keep our eyes and our hearts focused on the eternal things knowing today’s sorrows of this world will be replaced with joy in the morning! You did Logan County, Illinois, proud, Aaron. Blessings as you conclude both your vicarage and your seminary days in the coming year.