LCMS chaplain awarded Purple Heart

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  1. Trish says:

    Thank you for serving! Although injured physically you did not allow this to suppress your soul! God bless you and keep you always!

  2. Nancy Osbun says:

    Thank you, Adriane, for this beautifully written article. Thank you, Pastor Frese, for the wonderful example of one of Christ’s servants which we see continually from you. Thank you to all the chaplains who give of themselves to serve our men and women in service. And thank you to the chaplains’ families whose sacrifices are as great and as noteworthy. The Lord’s blessing be with all of you.

    1. Dr. Paul Vasconcellos says:

      I just read about you, Michael, in a Concordia, Seward, communication and also this LCMS communication. I join others in expressing to you a deep sense of gratitude for your service to our Lord and to our country. You have been rightfully honored with the Purple Heart, and I am thankful that you have survived to receive this honor. I will continue to pray for you and your family as you continue your ministry as a military chaplain and associate pastor. May our Lord continue His healing grace in your life and family as you continue a healing ministry to others. Blessings, Paul.