Urban, inner-city ministry: a ripe mission field

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  1. Delwyn Xavier Campbell says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I am happy to see that the LCMS has finally decided that the inner city merits its attention. On the other hand, why is it that the only way the hood can be reached is when MC decides to extend a little charity? You defund the Black Ministries dept. You do not show the work being done by African American LCMS pastors in these same inner cities. When MC decides to drop a little benevolence, however, decides to mount a “rescue operation,” that gets top billing. SIGH, SMH

  2. Rev. Dr. Rodney D. Otto says:

    I served an inner city parish for nine years as a worker priest in retirement full time. I asked for $12,000 per year to keep the church open. No one in synod reponded. The church had to be closed. Now about forty Af/Am families are looking around the city for a church. Even though we have 25 LCMS in the area, few are seeking a new church home in their synod, but other vibrant urban churches…none very welcoming to AF/Am folk. A simple grant of $12,000 per year could begin new ministry with a house church with these people. Is anyone out there listening in the LCMS? I love the website, and would model that style for the restart of LCMS poor urban ministry in Grand Rapids, if we just had a small grant to begin. What do you think?