Audio interview: Dealing with unrest

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  1. Augusta Stephens says:

    I listened to this broadcast and I was astounded by the the analogy made by the pastor regarding the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya of 1956 of the to the Fergurson MO demonstrations of August 2014. There is no analogy or similarities between these two events and it is an insult to to the legitimate concerns of the black community in Fergurson MO. I am astounded by lack of historical depth that has been demonstrated by this broadcast. This pastor owes the people of Ferguson MO an apology for this extraordinary factually inaccurate and racially insensitive comment. These people deserve better. I know that the LCMS wants to appear unbiased, but at a certain point sides must be chosen.. The LCMS has no problems choosing right and wrong on the abortion issue but on issues of race it always has a problem. Is there any wonder why Black people are not coming in droves to the LCMS!!!