Girgis reminds LCMS: ‘Your gut instincts are sound’

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  1. It’s good to see a young mature man with this vision. We need more young people to speak -up – out – for marriage as defined in scripture. Perhaps the thought about nature’s birth right is the most powerful as it would be backed by caring LCMS Christians, yet it speaks more of nature than a religious concern. We have Christians in America who would not agree with LCMS Christians.

    If a person opens the discussion with birthright and then moves to religion it is much like any other normal conversations. Don’t hit them over the head with something first, find out why they think birthright has no value to them. The Holy Spirit will lead.

  2. KeEtta says:

    How do you motivate a church to care enough to get involved in changing the direction our society is heading? We are close to hitting the bottom of the slippery slope that leads our children to secular humanism. The state of Minnesota, in April 2014, passed bill HF826 which took the rights of local school boards and parents away and gave it to Siecus an organization that advocates abortion, the homosexual lifestyle and promotes expressing and acting on sexual desires K-12. Teaches them that “Masturbation, either alone or with a partner, is one way people can enjoy and express their sexuality without risking pregnancy or an STD/HIV.” (Siecus’s Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Key Concept 4:page 52 Level 3 (age 12 -15)). Even if I weren’t a Christian I would object to this teaching for health reasons. Many Std’s and Sti’s are contracted by skin to skin contact. Why? Why aren’t we irate over this legislation that endangers our children not only spiritually but physically? It is safer for our pastors to speak in generalities than to specific issues and the people that are promoting them. Jesus wasn’t a coward, He called a spade a spade. Where is the boldness of Christ that we need so badly. Am I the one who is out of line by expecting my congregation, my pastor and my synod speak out against this evil that is threatening our most precious gift that God has entrusted to us?