LCMS OKs new grants to fight Ebola in Africa

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  1. On behalf of Hope Community Lutheran Church Syracuse, I was writing to thank you for helping the people of Liberia to fight the Ebola disease. Hope Community Lutheran Church is a Liberian Congregation in Syracuse, NY.

    Again thank you for your financial support and prayers.

    Emmanuel Cholo Nyema
    Hope Community Lutheran Church
    Syracuse, NY

  2. Michael Saylor says:

    Thank you for this information, but it would be helpful if further information from Synod on how this money will be used by the ELCL to “help prevent new cases.” Having traveled to Liberia many times, I know that $25,000 is an enormous sum of money for Liberians who would feel fortunate to make even $100/month with full-time work. Given that preventative items such as bleach, masks, gloves, etc would be available almost exclusively from governmental and charitable organizations (any such items on sale at a local store would be long gone by this point), I am not sure how (or even where) that money would be spent. If the ELCL has a plan in place for these funds in order to help our brothers and sisters in Liberia, I would love to hear of it!

    1. Samuel Navoh says:

      We appreciate Rev. Saylor’ several visits to Liberia on mission that ELCL is little know of. Is Rev. Saylor thinking that ELCL, a partner church to LCMS is not capable of sharing the love of God to her own people because of $25,000? ELCL pastors are sharing the sacraments to the Lutheran congregations that are working with them in Liberia. If he is so concern let him pray for us so that the situation we find ourselves in as a church, people and nation for this deadly virus can be stopped.
      We are not worry about his critical expressions in his comments. Our books are open for any implementation funds granted to us for our people.
      May God bless LCMS and her congregations for their love for the people of Liberia in this difficult time in the country and her sisterly countries.
      Thank God.

      Rev. Samuel Navoh

  3. Amos Bolay says:

    When I consider the poor comments made by Michael Saylor, I can only praise the Lord for the LCMS who did not consider $25,000 to be too enormous to to trust the ELCL with for the dying people of Liberia. I also thank God for Doctor Amber Brantley who gave himself at the cost of his very life for the Ebola victims of Liberia; but is only alive today by the grace off God.

    Pastor Michael Saylor as mentioned by himself, have no doubt made several trips to Liberia. What he did not mention is that he is very opposed to the ELCL Leadership. He has done everything to create division in one of the ELCL church district in South-Eastern, Liberia. I have no doubt that he would rather see the people f Liberia dying, than for the ELCL to be given grant to help save lives, least they be credited. Jesus be with him.