Grant expands care to immigrant children in Texas

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  1. Sharon McKiernan says:

    “grant money” I read the article, perhaps too quickly, as I don’t see where this money is coming from: church offerings or the government? Thank-you.

  2. Otto Hottendorf says:

    I thank God for the work of the LSSS and applaud the decision of the Synod to supply this grant. I am disturbed by author’s incomplete description of these children as “immigrant” raher than the complete and correct description as “Illegal immigrants” and I am dissapoonted by the editors decision to allow the error to remain in the article. As Christians we must feed the “widows and the orphans” and show Christ to those in need. As Americans we should support the rule of law.

  3. Lisa Molotla says:

    Is there an article written about how the LCMS president has explained why,how the LCMS is serving these children? There are many people who clearly don’t see how serving these children is mercy…….