Synod prepares new missionaries for service

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  1. Rev. David V. Dissen says:

    Thanks for this well written report. It reminds me of the exciting time that I spent in Havana, Cuba on my vicarage year under the leadership of Rev Eugene Gruell in Cuba and Rev. Herman Glienke on the Isle of Pines. It was during the revolt of Fidel Castro against Pres. Batista. The Lord opened many doors for Christian ministry on both of these Islands during this time of revolution. Many people were open and receptive to the hearing of the Good News of the saving Gospel. Please keep these short and long term missionaries in your prayers. God will bless their teaching of His Word and will add daily unto the church those who are being saved. Exciting, challenging and surprising things await these new missionaries.
    Rev. David V. Dissen,
    Pastor Emeritus
    Cape Girardeau, MO.

    1. Rev. Dale Kaster says:

      Pastor Dissen,

      Thanks for your words of encouragement! As one of those missionaries in the article – going to Ghana – we are excited about going and serving but there are so many details that you have to do that it does get a bit overwhelming. But still we are so excited to share the Gospel and the Life that flows from it with so many people. Thanks for all the prayers requested. By the Word and those prayers we will stand firm.