‘Ambassadors’ sets first ‘Lifestyles of Reconciliation’ event

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  1. John J Flanagan says:

    I suppose the secretive nature of the reconciliation event should be overlooked, because a more detailed description of the aims, and agenda would give it away as just another contemporary dialogue on the merits of Biblical compromise. Absolutely nothing transparent or factual presented in this notice of an upcoming event. One wonders if it is written in this way by design, a deception which the light of day might expose as another post modernist effort to create a uniform toleration of differences in Lutheran practices.

    1. Edward Harvilla says:

      The notice is indeed lacking with regard to specific clear goals of the training. After reading the notice and the linked website as a former ELCA congregation member, I question whether a goal is to “reconcile” ELCA’s newfound acceptance of gender androgyny and transgenderism with the LCMS’ continuing Lutheran traditionalism now lost to ELCA.