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Movie review: ‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’

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  1. sean says:

    As a Lutheran..can we not watch a movie purely for its aesthetic appeal. .. no underlying themes, no hidden meanings…purely for the enjoyment of watching a movie?

    1. michael piper says:

      You could watch a movie for its aesthetic appeal, but all language has meaning, and certainly movies too. The author is communicating something. What is he trying to say? If I were writing and directing a movie, and no one got my message, I would feel like a failure. So…is language what the speaker means or what the hearer hears? It’s the message that counts.

  2. jim hanson says:

    It’s a movie for entertainment. Why do you have to dissect it?

  3. p j mcconoughey says:

    When you talk about this movie, are you talking about pre-teens and above? My 6-yr-old great grandson loved the first and he even watched it with me so I could see it too. Funny that I haven’t seen anything on the LCMS site regarding other movies, so why is this one being criticized so negatively? Reminds me of the Harry Potter era and the criticism it got. Well hubby and I went to almost every one of the movies with our grandson and thoroughly enjoyed them. Then we listened to the audio when we went to the West coast and again simply enjoyed them. If my ggson wants to talk about the movie beyond “I really liked it, when can I see again?” then it will be dealt with. I wonder how many are watching it to find out what are the problem scenes. I also wonder how many parents have contacted you re issues in your review. Just wondering.

  4. Nancy Johnsen says:

    I actually hope to see in a movie some of the themes that I am personally struggling with. Themes such as the value of loyalty and faithfulness among family members and friends; the value of struggling to persevere in keeping a relationship going. What is H-Wood afraid of? Virtue being overtly displayed? We need more models of virtue. That is what makes a movie enjoyable to me. That said, I also enjoy mindless action movies like Iron Man 3, so go figure.

  5. katy says:

    Thank you for this thoughtful review. I wonder sometimes at how we can study about our Lord Jesus and listen to his Word to be sober and watchful that our enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour and then pretend we aren’t at war. When we get uptight about someone taking an honest look at the worldview and message of entertainment I have to ask why? Are the writers of films not telling a story? Does their definition of a good story not express a view? Should we just trust them? Praise God that he has provided us with his Word and Sacraments. That he fights for us and he is our Sabbath rest.