CTCR to host second international theological conference

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  1. Harold says:

    This is such an exciting time! More than ever, Lutherans need to engage the world, come across to the lost and unchurched as well as fellow Christians. Just over the last few years, I’ve heard Reformation Day discussed as being akin to celebrating a divorce and many believing that finding a non-denominational church and eschewing sacraments is the only way to avoid divisiveness. It all misses the point that Luther led the way to free the gospel from the clutches of legalism and an earthly hierarchy.

    Many Christians are still trying to work with God instead of letting God work in them, cultivating a personal holiness, believing they can choose faith and complete their salvation as a personal act, trying to make themselves better, looking inward instead of outward to God. It all ends up focusing on the individual rather than the cross of Christ and living s fruitful life for the glory of God and the good of others, entrusting our salvation to the One who has already worked it. Not our will, but God’s. Not our works, but God’s. Full of His grace, justified by the faith He creates in us, and sanctified by the Holy Spirit at work in our lives. All that we need revealed in scripture – no secrets and special codes, no particular knowledge not offered to all, no authority but the Word.

    Nearly 500 years and the need remains, the Reformation of the Church continues.