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Thrivent Funding of Pro-Abortion Organizations: LCMS Concerns

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  1. Michael Hiett says:

    Thrivent, like the ELCA, is no longer really “Lutheran.” We quit being involved with Thrivent some time ago. The LCMS should not be affiliated with Thrivent any longer.

    1. dwaine bubke says:

      I agree with you 100 percent. You said it as good or better than I could. ELCA does not deserve the name Lutheran and Thrivent will not get another penny from me.

  2. Susan Stadt says:

    That’s what happens when the members voted to open up Thrivent to all “Christians”. Not all Christians have the same values as Lutherans. I see this as a problem that will happen to other types of programs that are not faith based.

    1. Ken says:

      Christians the TRUE ONES believe in the BIBLE regardless of your denomination. That means NO Abortion, NO Homosexuality, etc. And yes I have met some “Lutherans” who vote for , support, those who are willingly, backing and protecting Sinners as if they can sin and be Christians.Non Repenting Sinners

    2. Steve says:

      Um, ELCA is generally considered Lutheran. It would have been better to have only extended it to Christians.

    3. Tim Schenks says:

      This happened a long time before Thrivent began its “Common Bond” campaign.

  3. Raquel says:

    Thank you, LCMS. I support your statement 100%. Please keep us posted as this situation progresses. If Thrivent doesn’t support Biblical values in the end, be sure to let us know where to place our investments when we remove them from Thrivent.

    1. Robin says:

      When my tax dollars are used to support organizations I disagree with, it’s upsetting and frustrating. But when a company that claims to be Lutheran and/or Christian willingly and knowingly supports pro-choice organizations and causes me to participate through my association with it (Thrivent), it feels like a knife in my heart. I wonder how it must feel to Jesus. We will be cancelling everything we have with Thrivent even though it will mean giving more money to the government through taxes.

  4. Raquel says:

    Thank you for your work to resolve this, LCMS. I support your statement 100%. Keep us posted as this situation progresses. If Thrivent does not make appropriate changes to support Biblical values in the end, please let us know where we should move our investments once we pull them from Thrivent.

  5. I worked for AAL years ago and was surprised that so many of the home office personnel were not Lutheran. I believe this was a very foolish move by Thrivent. Giving money you receive from Christians to pro-choice and abortion groups?

    1. David smith says:

      Because of equality issues , I am pretty sure you can’t hire or deny employment based on denomination.

  6. Charlotte Gebauer Koelling says:

    Please tell me LCMS is not surprised by any of this. This what we get as Thrivent moves step-by-step from Biblical values to societal preferences. When Thrivent is “pan-Christian,” that includes a number of denominations that do not share our beliefs regarding abortion, homosexuality, etc. Thrivent’s conundrum, which EVERYONE, including LCMS, should have seen, then becomes how to divvy up the proceeds so not just fusty old Lutherans but all variations of Protestant churches get the proper share reflecting their views and doctrine. Some time ago, we ceased contributing anything through Thrivent. Want nothing to do with it. However, now please tell me what to do with the measly $10,000 life policy my parents and I have been paying on for the past 70 years. Cash it in and cut down funeral expenses to the bare bone?

    1. Marc Littlecott says:

      You might instead donate this policy, perhaps to a pro-life ministry, after you consult with a qualified tax advisor, etc. This is done by irrevocably transferring ownership of the policy to the charity after getting the forms from Thrivent to do so. The charity may elect to hold it until it “matures” (you die) or cash it in sooner than later – their choice. (Make sure the charity verifies they are indeed the owner of the policy after you do this.)

      The contribution of a policy usually produces a charitable deduction equal to its cost basis (what $ you put into it), with no increase for the ordinary income component of the policy. See Sec. 170(e) and Rev. Rul. 78-137. Don’t overlook this tax deduction, should the situation warrant.

      1. Charlotte Gebauer Koelling says:

        Thanks, Marc. A good suggestion.

        1. Marc Littlecott says:

          Just one more thought for you Charlotte, and any others I might encourage to consider giving their insurance policy to a Godly cause. When one gives away an asset that they have invested in or which has appreciated in value, it may not “cost” as much as they might originally think if they apply the charitable deduction to the mix. (Ask your tax advisor.)

          Also, before anyone out there purchases an annuity product with a commercial insurance company like Thrivent, they might also look into a “charitable gift annuity” (CGA) with their favorite charity. It’s a gift that pays at a fixed rate for life for one, or two people.

          Only a charity can issue a CGA, not an insurance company, and because there are no commissions or set-up and maintenance charges, many advisors are loathe to share this option with their clients (which is why you’re not hearing about them at most seminars published in your Sunday bulletin).

          The charity’s CGA rates may be a little less than the commercial guys, but when you calculate their tax advantages, they may “break even” or even “beat” their commercial counterparts. Just note, there’s no getting your money back either like you can with a commercial annuity, so be certain it’s right for you by seeking INDEPENDENT and qualified tax advice. Also be sure your advisor endorses the financial stability of whatever charity you are engaging. The Feds won’t bail you out.

    2. Rev. Paul Gramit says:

      Charlotte, this LCMS pastor, at least, is not the LEAST bit surprised, but he IS of course disappointed.

      Since our days on the Board (you DO of course recognize my name, no?), the gulf between the LCMS and the ELCA has significantly widened, so, no, no surprise. After ELCA’s infamous and national-news-making Friday 8-21-2009 assembly decision allowing homosexual clergy, our (New England) church marquee, for a spell, bore the message, “The Lutheran Church body in recent national news — that’s not us!”

      I’m afraid that LCMS-ELCA cooperatives have become simply something that can’t be carried out faithfully — of COURSE the Communion table was out from the word go, as was joint worship with or without the Sacrament, but even, as is said in theological circles, in the “externals” such as Thrivent. To work, the company needs to have the spine to say to ELCA, “NO — we’re NOT going to run according to your standards. Rather, it’s pro-life, anti-abortion rights, anti-homosexual legitimacy, etc.” May we in the LCMS insist upon this!

    3. Doug says:

      Charlotte, I used to be an AAL rep and left Thrivent a year or two after the merger. Unfortunately, many of us reps saw the liberalism creeping into the organization within a year of the merger. I am still in the business and very happy with the firm I joined. In my humble opinion, you need to keep that $10,000 policy that is 70 years young as you are hurting yourself if you can’t find something better.
      As we all know life ins prices go up with age. Now, purchasing anything new or investing any new money with them is another story. You can move your money and investments easily and have the new company make sure there are no penalties.
      These old insurance policies like that won’t hurt a $75 billion life insurance company if you surrender it, in fact it may help them as they won’t have to pay the insurance amount. So just place your “new money” elsewhere.

  7. FWS says:

    I am a Thrivent employee and pro-life. I am active in Lutherans For Life and often speak on life issues as I will be doing this Life Sunday. While I am saddened by Thrivent’s recent decisions I need to report that I have also had my contributions to LFL matched by Thrivent for the past 12 years. In fact, when I was on a State Board the match was 2-1. I also have had gifts matched to the Navigators, as well as non-religious charitable organizations I support. I do not view this as the same kind of issue as the one raised by Thrivent Choice. The employee matching funds are, to me at least, a fringe benefit like those provided by many other companies. Thrivent makes no value judgement on where my dollars go and I would not want them to. Also, we must understand that not all Thrivent employees will agree with our pro-life values and will make different choices that we will regarding our charitable gifts.

  8. sharon krumland says:

    I was concerned when Thrivent reached out to people other than Lutherans.This can bring all people Thrivent acct. to another place if they continue to support people who are pro abortion. I will keep in tune to what’s going on.

  9. Jamie Lawrence says:

    I just posted this on my facebook page:
    I just found out the life insurance company I have been contributing to since I was 18, and the policy my parents got me when I was an infant is funding abortions. It is a Lutheran organization that has always been ultra conservative, but in the last few years has become increasingly liberal. They are taking money from conservative people and putting it towards organizations that they actively work against. This is the ultimate hypocrisy. I’m angry and feel like I’m being cheated out of the thousands of dollars I have contributed over the years. I really don’t want to turn this into a pro or anti abortion rant, and please don’t respond if that is what you want this to be, it isn’t. The best secular analogy I can give is this: Imagine you donate thousands of dollars to PETA because you love animals and want to protect them, and you find out that they are (and they are incidentally) killing animals with your money rather than saving them. That is how I feel right now: cheated, lied to, and highly disappointed in an organization I trusted with my money and my values.

  10. David Kleimola says:

    I am very disappointed with Thrivent. First they took away most of their support for Lutheran education. Then they opened the doors to funding non-Lutheran groups. Now they funds abortions. If this is not resolved quickly, I will withdraw my money from Thrivent accounts and move it elsewhere.

    1. William Lauterbach says:

      I warned you about them years ago; on the back porch of my home. You said it was too late in the game to change your investments now.

      Your sister said that their sins didn’t appear severe enough to warrant turning away Thrivent.

      Your other sister and I saw the seriousness of Thrivent’s ways years ago, and left the LCMS over their actions. And we have paid dearly; with ridicule, derision and mockery.

      Guess who gets the last laugh now.

  11. Sherry E. says:

    Thrivent, please choose to support life for the innocents, not death by mutilation.

  12. Rev. Dr. Cathi Braasch, STS says:

    Well and faithfully put.

  13. Carol Klick says:

    Thank you for taking this stand for Life, LCMS!!

  14. TRWenndt says:

    Did anyone really think that the last chapter had been written in this bad novel right before Christmas? No, it was bound to be just the beginning. No matter where it ultimately goes, I fear this cannot have a good ending.

  15. Joyce kasuske says:

    I do not support Thrivent giving funds to abortion clinics! If you are a Christian organization then you will really consider that as well.

  16. Marlene Frazier says:

    I have volunypteered for a pro-life organization that provides free ultra-sounds to women who are pregnant. Sometimes these women are unsure about the future of the baby. The organization I volunteered provided counseling and if the girl desired prayer and biblical teaching. I did various jobs and one was researching grants available to pro-life. I can’t tell you how hard it is to find someone that will give grant money for a FAITH-BASEfD , pro- life organization. We saw women of every faith and no faith. Our concern was saving the life of the baby and ultimately supporting and counseling a woman with the truth. Many women suffer from their decision-and we also offered post-abortion counseling. It is not a secret that Planned Parenthood receives millions in tax revenues and in donations. Why would a church based financial institution even think that this appropriate? Surely there are schools that need help or Sr. Citizens homes that could use the community dollars. I know from my own work with grants– all that is needed is restrictions on where money will be allocated. We had to beg for every cent and be accountable for each penny, but not the case with Planned Parenthood. Look at how much the executive directors and administrators are paid–an executive director in a pro-life organization often does not see a paycheck. This is disappointing to learn.

  17. ralph wetzel says:

    So very wrong and extremely sad! When our family joined AAL in the mid-1960’s, we could never have envisioned support of abortion.

    A loss of vision has occurred with the advent of Thrivent’s new worldly vision of its future!

    Most discouraged,

    Ralph M Wetzel

  18. Tim Schenks says:

    This has been brought up for years on various Lutheran discussion boards. I’m sure you already knew about this. When I brought it up to my congregation’s pastor and elders at least two years ago they chose to do nothing about it. When I contacted Thrivent at that time the official reply from this “Faith-based organization” was only “We’re not the Church…”

  19. Keith Freie says:

    Sadly, we no longer have a fraternal insurance/investment company for Lutherans of the Missouri Synod. Thrivent has morphed into an entity that is just another company, and I no longer see reason for any particular loyalty. In the future, I plan to “shop around” when looking for insurance/investment opportunities. The Thrivent dollars given for local good use is much appreciated. Many good things have been made possible. However, can I support Thrivent exclusively because of the past? No.
    I also realize there are many Thrivent employees that sincerely support our LCMS theology, and my thanks goes out to them. But the fact remains -Thrivent is now “just another company”.

  20. DKB says:

    I am sickened by this “Witch Hunt” lead by the LCMS. Of which I am currently a member but have deep reservations of continuing my relationship with.

    I am a Thrivent employee and proud of the work that is does. The organizations supported are not chosen or promoted by Thrivent. The organizations are chosen by the 2.5 million members and employees of Thrivent. Therefore, do not bash Thrivent, but rather look at the 2.5 million members that have had their values formed by their local congregations. So, the problem did not start with Thrivent, it started with the values training of the members. In my view, the fault lies with poor training in their congregations.

    It appears many of the comments posted present Thrivent as a church, and therefore it is held to a higher standard. Thrivent is not a church and never has been.

    The LCMS, on the other hand, is a church. It must be held to a higher standard. However, within the LCMS there are great differences in practices and teachings from ultra conservative to ultra liberal. And yet, my local conservative congregation continues to provide mission support funds directly to the LCMS which in turn supports the liberal activities within the LCMS. I do not support the liberals within the LCMS and yet my money is supporting it. Perhaps I need to stop contributing to my local congregation.

    Please consider Matthew 7:3 and take action within the LCMS to train it’s members and leaders to make wise, God pleasing, choices rather than blame an organization following the lead of it’s “Lutheran/Christian” members.

    For those of you that will no longer be doing business with Thrivent, do you agree with everything that our government spends tax dollars on? Because that is where more of your dollars will be going rather than back into your hands for direction.

    I am also saddened by the actions of my own LCMS pastor. He supports this “bashing” of Thrivent with one fist while the other hand is open and grasping at the fraternal funds provided to his church and school from Thrivent. I would gladly dis-enroll the church and school from receiving Thrivent funds if I were able to.

    The LCMS has taken a “Holier than Thou” position against Thrivent but continues to disregard the plank in its own eye.

    1. William Lauterbach says:

      Thrivent calls itself a “faith based organization” –

      >>We’re Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, a faith-based, not-for-profit membership organization nearly 2.5 million members strong.<>We are the largest fraternal benefit society in the United States.

      Fraternal benefit societies also provided opportunities for people to socialize and helped recent immigrants acclimate to America. Members belonged to local “lodges” or meeting places where they could come together as a community and celebrate their common bond.<<

      ( )

      On the lodge precept alone, Thrivent should have never been allowed into any Lutheran church.

      By the way, my government isn't entitled: The United States of America for Lutherans. My bank is not Bank of America for Lutherans.

      I am sorry, but your defense of Thrivent has no merit.

      OH! We haven't even touched on Thrivent's support of the sin of homosexuality!

    2. Rev. Paul Gramit says:

      DKB, please consider Rev. Paul McCain’s excellent question (a few comments down from this one).

      Also, while you DO raise a good point about congregational catechesis, Thrivent can STILL intervene and have its standards which the direction of funds must conform to.

      And, the LCMS is hardly guilty of “witch hunts.” When the LCMS notices action this blatant, just what is it supposed to DO?

    3. Jonathan Nack says:

      What a minute, DKB! Weren’t witch hunts about misguided people killing innocent people? If you don’t believe that misguided people should be killing innocent people, then standing up and saying “No!” to Thrivent should be an easy thing for you to do. No one should be proud of misguided people killing innocent people, or participating in it in any way. Hand washing won’t do it. Thrivent can easily say “No more!” Or they can wash their hands and look the other way.

    4. Rev. Kevin Wenker says:

      If that is how you believe and feel, please go join the ELCA. Your statement is contrary to Scripture and the Confessions. I am going to encourage my congregation to no longer accept anything from Thrivent. it is now blood money.

    5. Exodus 20:13

      Please explain your way around this commandment given by GOD. Thrivent is suppose to be a Christian organisation. The great I AM does not change.He is the same as he was when the commandment was given to moses.I would have no objection if Thrivent removed the christian label from itself,as christ came not to abolish the law of his father but to fulfill it. If thrivent goes against this law they are not being christian(christ like).The reason I invested in thrivent wasn’t because of their great returns or stability of the company.It was because they were a christ based company.As for my investments you can consider them gone!

  21. Russ says:

    I wonder how long Rev. Harrison and the LCMS will allow Trivent to dither and obfuscate on this critical departure from Christian beliefs?

    Perhaps it is time for pro-life Lutherans to review the current members of Thrivent’s board of directors and demand the resignation of Thrivent’s CEO.

    1. Judy says:

      Did Thrivent become too greedy in opening up to “ALL Christians?” This is worrisome to me.

  22. Thank you for this clear and definitive statement and for the clarion call to Thrivent to reverse course and do the right thing.

    How a “faith based” organization can possibly consider supporting any organization that funds the murder of unborn children boggles my mind.

    To the Thrivent agent trying to defend Thrivent I would say simply, “Sir, how many babies need to be killed to cause you to find Thrivent’s actions objectionable?”

    1. Rev. Paul Gramit says:

      Excellent question for the Thrivent agent — AND others, no doubt — to consider, Rev. McCain. VERY to the point.

      How fitting also to consider all of this right smack in the midst of Sanctity of Human Life season (which should ALWAYS be to a great extent anyhow).

  23. Judy says:

    I am very saddened, but not surprised. I stopped supporting Thrivent after I saw their name as a donor of the student union at Valparaiso University, which is headed the same way as Thrivent is going right now – serve the world and money first, not Christ first. It is despicable to use the name of Christ to brand anything (fraternal organization or college) which does not carry with it true Biblical principles. By the way, right around the corner from the donor sign at Valparaiso University, and overlooking the cornerstone of the chapel, was a rack full of magazines which would never be seen in the entrance of any Lutheran church or school. I am currently at Concordia University and very happy to say that you never see any of that here, where Christ’s name and message is well respected. Pull your money out of Thrivent (and Valparaiso) and put it where it will do the Lord’s work (Concordia is a great place to support). That may be the only message these organizations understand. I got pregnant at 18 and DID not have an abortion without any regret. Good for you LCMS! The devil will tempt us all to believe the lies; in the end, when we see God face to face, all that counts are the words “Welcome home, my good and faithful servant”

    1. Charlotte Gebauer Koelling says:

      Thank you for your witness and your faithfulness to the sanctity of life. God bless your studies and your work in the profession you enter. By the way, I attended Valpo in the 60s and, already then, saw pretty much what you saw although it was not nearly so overt back then.

  24. William Schultz says:

    Does this mean that any organization that is LCMS including synod itself won’t get funding? I assume that we are all pro-life organizations. Maybe it is time that we all did the heavy lifting that organizations like Lutheran for Life have been doing. Let’s tell Thrivent that we are all pro-life. Of course then we might miss out on millions from Thrivent. At least we would all know what we are willing to sell our souls (and the lives of unborn children) are worth. What a statement that would make to Thrivent! Of course then we wouldn’t be able to accept donations, advertising revenue, grants, or other support from Thrivent.

  25. Former AAL Rep says:

    What was clear to me long ago is now out in the open. Thrivent is a Financial Services organization that in the past choose to target market to “Lutherans” as they defined them. Now the target market is “Christians” as they define them. Be visible in your target market, say the right thing and poof the lines are blurred!

  26. George says:

    It is hard to believe that any faith based organization could support aborfion by any means. The mutual funds offered by Thrivent are littered with companies that donate to planned parenthood as well. As with anything, trust but verify.

  27. NORMAN MAY says:

    I too feel like THRIVENT has gone too far in supporting killing babies that cannot protect themselves. God help us obey God rather than getting monies to support killing of babies who are just or trying to be born. Our LCMS has departed far from its first love. CHRIST JESUS.

    THRIVENT was a great help to our church, but when you opened up to all other believers. Sir, you open to the devil’s work of death.


  28. Jim Warwick says:

    I voted no to open Thrivent to all Christians. I feared what is going on now would happen, I pray that Thrivent will resolve this issue. I sent an email to the company telling that I am considering taking my IRA monies elsewhere.

    1. Tim Schenks says:

      Even if every LCMS member of Thrivent had voted no, it would have still failed because of the larger number of ELCA member votes. LCMS members of Thrivent haven’t had much of a voice in it, except for its president who is a member of an LCMS congregation (SHAME ON HIM!) and used to work for the LCMS.

  29. Eric Ash says:

    Is there any work being done to create a Lutheran Fraternal Benefit Society as an alternative to Thrivent? I am sure we have the human and financial resources to begin a truly Lutheran, Pro-life organization without Thrivent’s excesses and overhead. Where are our other Lutheran (WELS, NALC, LCMC) siblings on this issue?

  30. Joel Devcich says:

    WOW!! Apparently, we have alot of Lutherans jumping to conclusions and Judgement. It was not an intentional decision, but a mistake. We should hear out the whole issue of what happened before condemning. James 4:11, 5:9 , Matthew 5:25, Romans 14:13. And for those of you moving to or already have investments and insurance policies in different companies, check out where they do their gifting!!!! I think you will be suprised what YOU are supporting.

    1. JEMWK says:


  31. Dick Hungerford says:

    Thrivent doesn’t care about Christians, only what’s in it for them!

  32. Nicholas says:

    It saddens me quite a bit to see that Thrivent is supporting pro-choice organizations. That’s not at all what we believe as Lutherans, and it’s a shame to see Thrivent do this.

    Thank you to the LCMS for upholding what is true and working to preserve it. Thrivent needs to fix this; otherwise, we need to break partnership with Thrivent. We don’t want any affiliation with an organization that supports this.

  33. Badger says:

    I wonder how many of these condemning commenters are also accepting money from Thrivent, whether in their congregations or personally for disability or insurance purposes.

  34. Jo Ann says:

    Check out the Timothy Plan.

  35. Jonathan Nack says:

    On a catholic web site which discusses businesses that support abortion, there is a list from Planned Parenthood itself from 2005 indicating all corporations that will match donations to Planned Parenthood. Thrivent For Lutherans is on the list. The date is 2005! Here is the link:

  36. Robert Whitlach says:

    Usually when a finger points to blame, 3 fingers are pointing back.

    If we overreact to everything perceived wrong, then I should have left the LCMS along time ago.

    Look up Joe Loduca, circa 1987. If the LCMS can ordain a murderer, then maybe I shouldn’t worship at a church that puts these men in the pulpit.

    LCMS mission monies buy Playboy Club Membership in Manila, circa 1988.

    LCMS pastor commits adultery with parishioner, too numerous to list.

    If I am to believe that the LCMS management can deal with these human issues and give me a place to worship, then I will also believe that Thrivent management will deal with this issue and continue to do it’s best within in the laws of our government. I don’t think Thrivent made these programs to purposefully give PP money, just like I believe the LCMS did not ordaine Loduca knowing he would murder 3 months later. As a PK/MK and now a Thrivent employee, I have personal knowledge of all 3 LCMS events and the Thrivent issue.

  37. Mark Tiefel says:

    It’s good to see people speaking out against Thrivent’s support of abortion organizations, but the fact is that Thrivent has been supporting unscriptural causes for a while now. By opening their doors to all Christians they have allowed Lutherans to promote false teachings in Roman Catholic, Reformed, and even non-denominational churches. A quick look at what God tells us in the Bible shows that these actions are not pleasing to Him (Matthew 7:15, Romans 16:17, 1 Corinthians 1:10). If Christians are going to blur the lines between church bodies and support all regardless of what it means, what’s the point of being Lutheran anymore? What did Reformers like Martin Luther fight for if we’re all going to join together in church work anyway and ignore the dangers when we see them? The sad reality is that many people, even Lutherans, care little for the truth of God’s Word or the practice of correct doctrine anymore. For a church body which is NOT involved with Thrivent, see:

    1. William Lauterbach says:

      Hi Mark: I am not sure if you are related to our pastor Pastor Paul of Messiah, but it was actually an article from Messiah’s co-pastor, Bruce Naumann which helped to change our hearts regarding Thrivent years ago.,%20How%20Do%20They%20Differ,%20Oct.%2003%20revision.pdf

      The topic is covered from a critically biblical, almost Apologetic, standpoint.

  38. Curtis says:

    I did not get a chance to read all of the comments posted, but I will have to agree that I am very disappointed in Thrivent with the move. Besides leaving a comment here, I plan on making my views heard and known at one of the Thrivent Chapter leaders meeting coming up in Feb and March. I urge all other Thrivent Chapter Board Members to voice thier views at these meeting, too…

  39. Russ says:

    The news this morning is that 55 million babies have been aborted since Roe vs Wade….and now Thrivent dollars are helping. I have asked to have my name removed from the roster of the local Thrivent chapter, but it appears it is impossible until I cancel all Thrivent products. Lord have mercy!

  40. ted hosfer says:

    My wife and I were both against this, but it appears that good sense got derailed in this process.

    My wife’s comments:

    I bumped into this on the Lutheran Church website. Please read all of the comments. I was afraid (like you) to allow “all Christians” into this organization but as always, the Devil works every day and some of these things have evolved throughout the years – Valparaiso was a Christian University but I see some comments with little things that have erupted from years ago too. So – please take time to read and this involves us too – need to hear more from Thrivent and see what they say. I’m very sad and we did think a little about saying “no” to the Christians being allowed in but also, this is a Financial Institution and things creep into it like other Christian things also… so sad now.

    My comments:

    This is just as I predicted. Planned parenthood already sucks about $1BILLION from the government (our taxes) to kill unborn babies. Ironically, NONE of the pro-life organizations get ANY of this $1BILLION the liberal government (that you should vote out of existence in the next election) doles out to kill people.

    We need to start “aborting” non-productive living people with the premise that planned parenthood must have somehow missed them, so we are just addressing their lapse in genocide.

    The pro-life people need to exterminate the living children of the planned parenthood crowd because … just because. Let’s see how THEY like it when THEY are on the receiving end of abortion. It also raises a legal issue that would need to be addressed. What is the scope/limitation of “abortion”. Can we retroactively “abort” 3 year old children (of the genocide crowd)? If not, how can we legally “pick and choose” who lives and dies?

    We need to make it a MAJOR ISSUE that requires action. Nothing else is acceptable.

    Even Jesus Christ said, “you are neither hot, nor cold, but lukewarm so I will spew you out of my mouth.” (revelation 3:16). Get passionate about the DEATH of millions of helpless innocent children. Get involved. Show the genocide crowd that you will work towards “aborting” the living children of this spawn of Satan crowd.

    As you can tell, I am ANGRY. Especially with people who are covert Nazis that are engaging in wholesale genocide – while being funded (with OUR TAX DOLLARS – and without our consent) by communist liberal legislators. If you do NOT educate yourself as to which politicians are *not* conservative AND VOTE THEM OUT in the next election… then YOU are the real problem in this country.

  41. Carl Vehse says:

    Rev. Dr. James Lamb, executive director of the national pro-life organization Lutherans For Life stated the Lutheran position:

    “Thrivent claims to be ‘neutral’ on ‘controversial issues’…

    “Now we learn that continue to fund pro-abortion groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL through their financial Gift Multiplier program. There is no neutrality in this. It is simply theologically impossible to claim to be ‘Christian’ and ‘faith-based’ and at the same time support the intentional killing of unborn children created by God and for whom Jesus died.”

    Dr. Lamb’s assertion directly applies to THRIVEN’T as an organization and Lufauxrans who support THRIVEN’T giving aid and comfort to murder-by-abortion.

  42. Dale says:

    I too am dissapointed to hear that Thrivent is apparently allowing members to designate dollars to Planned Parenthood however, THINK ABOUT THIS. Planned Parenthood is funded mostly by tax dollars. That means that most of us have already been supporting Planned Parenthood. Do we really have a choice? If you don’t pay income taxes, you still buy things like groceries, gas, fuel, and financial services from a bank or your auto insurance company. Those companies pay taxes, some of which end up with Planned Parenthood. I believe that many of Thrivent’s fraternal dollars still go to lutheran causes like our seminaries and lutheran high schools etc., and that is good.

  43. William Lauterbach says:

    I am actually shocked to see that people are getting up-in-arms against Thrivent… NOW???

    I mean, this evidence was out their YEARS ago! I was doing seminars about Thrivent’s connections to Planned Parenthood and their business relationships with so-called Lutheran homosexual organizations. I was able to change the hearts of only one congregation, and they weren’t even LCMS!

    What makes the evidence so different now? Is it because the info is coming from some of the “brass” at the LCMS?? Does that make the evidence more truthful or credible?

    It just disgusts me that people have put their heads in the sand about Thrivent’s transgressions for four years now, and suddenly… this is all something new???

    The documentation is not hard to locate. Much of the information is found right on Thrivent’s website.

    Seriously, what took some of you so long… and what FINALLY prompted some of you folks to action? After four years, what FINALLY gave this evidence credibility???

    1. Jerry DeFoor says:

      It isn’t too difficult to answer William Lauterbach’s questions about why now that many of us are finally taking a stand about these issues regarding Thrivent. As in any mission work, often the worker is just planting seeds as faithfully as possible. We have no control of the fertility of the seed planted. That is in the hand of God. Some seed bear fruit immediately, while other lay dormant for years then burst forth with the hand of God. God said we must teach generation anew, and it seems that is what is needed today. Rest easily Mr. Larterbach, you have been laboring in the vineyard for over four years, not a very long time, and now the fruit has been matured as is the will of God.

  44. Steph Gillet says:

    I left Thrivent years ago. I saw something like this happening and have no regrets moving my money & insurance elsewhere.

  45. David smith says:

    If a Pastor gave his congregation $100 each to donate to a charity of THEIR choice, and one person donated to planned parenthood, does that mean the congregation and Pastor support that cause?
    Of course it doesn’t!

  46. William Lauterbach says:

    Nice spin job, David Smith. Which network did you learn your trade from? NBC? CBS? ABC? CNN? MSNBC???

    Genesis 6:7 “And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.”


    Genesis 6:11-12 “The earth also was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence. And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.”

    Does history repeat itself??

    Matthew 24:37 “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”