Tobias ‘encouraged’ by progress of pro-life movement

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  1. Paul Steiner says:

    This is great news! And wonderful that the president of the NRLC is a Lutheran Christian! I’m just a little curious as to why this article makes no mention of the LCMS’s Registered Service Organization, Lutherans for Life? Is it perhaps that we expect to hear (and in fact have for many years) this witness from LFL and it’s tremendous Executive Director, Rev. James Lamb, and presidents and past presidents like Diane Schroeder and Linda Bartlett –but it is not expected from a secular organization and therefore welcomed even more?

  2. J.G. , MD says:

    Surgical abortions are decreasing partly because of the increase of chemical abortions .
    I do not think anyone is keeping records of the numbers of chemical abortions.
    I suspect the total numbers of dead babies is increasing.

    Bottom line is that the sin is not decreasing and will not decrease until church regains some
    backbone and preaches against fornication.

    1. Carol Tobias says:

      The Guttmacher Institute does include chemical abortions in their analysis; chemical abortions now make up 23% of all abortions performed. With those included, abortions are down about 1/2 million per year from 1990, to 1.06 million in 2011.

  3. Carl Vehse says:

    “When asked whether she believes the U.S. Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion will ever be legally overturned in the United States, Tobias said yes, although that doesn’t mean the battle will be over.”

    The battle will still continue as Christians, in their vocation as citizens, work along with other citizens to bring abortion politicians, judges, and businessmen in the U.S. to justice in Nuremberg-style trials for genocidal murder of unborn children, crimes against humanity, and treason.