BNM begins work on family-ministry policies

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  1. Alan Turley says:

    As a long time layperson who is very distressed at the ongoing decline in church attendance and membership I am particularly interested in what the specific plans are for growing and increasing the resources for evangelism by laymembers to those in their sphere of influence.

    How can I get more info on this topic?

  2. Mark Hofman says:


    Contact the Office of National Mission via the Church Information Center (888-843-5267) to submit a request for information about current plans.

    Resources for outreach and evangelism are available through LCMS Witness & Outreach Ministry (The 72), LCMS Rural and Small Town Mission, Campus Ministry, and other departments within National Mission.

  3. Alan Turley says:

    Thank you for the information. I know that LHM is involved in developing and providing excellent outreach resources. Is there a coordinated effort for National Missions to work with LHM in the area of evangelism training? If so, in what way?