LCMS National Mission leaders call for action on abortion

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  1. Ronald H.Roby says:

    Thank you. This needs to be said!

    1. Mr and Mrs Tomas Villasenor says:

      Sure wish we had been given more time, the nearest clinic is 100 miles from us. We don’t have the gas to go that far on such short notice. How can people know what time to go? Etc.

      1. Karen Luebke says:

        Apparently the protest is at every clinic on Saturday from 9-11 am.

  2. Rudolf C. Schaser says:

    Wondering: Did any national leaders at the LCMS International Center decline the sign the document?

    1. Mark Hofman says:

      That list looks to be the full battery of the leadership within the Office of National Mission, who operate under the supervision of Rev. Day as executive director. the Chief Mission Officer, Rev. Robson, has senior oversight over National Mission as well as the Office of International Mission, Pastoral Education, LCMS Communications and Mission Advancement. I don’t know of anyone who would decline to sign the document.

      If by ‘national leaders’ you mean additional persons outside of the Office of National Mission, some were not asked to sign – including me. And others are out of the country, namely the new executive director for International Mission. The absence of a name does not imply a reluctance to endorse this important position statement.

      I gladly and vigorously endorse it.

      Mark Hofman, Executive Director
      Mission Advancement

  3. Les says:

    Thanks for finally making a statement and a call to action. We have the blood of 3,000 sons and daughters each day on our hands. In addition to calling for this murder to stop… Let us fund immediately centers for mothers of unwanted pregnancies. We must provide alternatives for the hard of heart to stop the slaughter. Even making abortion illegal will not stop the slaughter. Acting means more than protesting and denouncing, (the easy part). Lead us to action… Please.

  4. Evelyn Konig says:

    So with your statement does this mean you all will be available to stand in front of PPH as the Lutheran Church and protest on August 22 with the rest of the pro-life community? We can sign and make statements but until our leaders take a stand, our church won’t. We will continue to sit around and talk about it.

  5. Steve Henze says:

    I am pastor at St. Timothy in Houston. My wife and I are going with a number of our members to protest at the the Planned Parenthood clinic in South Houston. We are praying for our pastors, leaders, and members of the LCMS to take a stand with the pro-life community at PP clinics all over the country.

  6. Mark says:

    You’ll have to admit an online news release on the twentieth encouraging participation in an event scheduled for the twenty-second is not very encouraging or helpful! We are 140 miles from our Planned Parenthood facility.

  7. T. Hanson says:

    Thank you for your stand against evil. It’s not popular with the world, but it does honor our Lord, teaching God’s truth in love, mercy and His amazing grace.

    “See that you do not despise one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven.”
    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:10‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    Note: Fetus is a Latin word for “little one”

  8. Andrew Buckland says:

    As the local organizer for Winston-Salem, NC I would point out that the protests on Saturday were intended as the beginning of this new “fire” started by the Holy Spirit and that we now must get out there and fan the flames. is another part of this “protest” even thought you may not be able to get to the nearest BUTHCER SHOP please join us in prayer.

  9. Andrew Buckland says:

    In addition, 40 Days for Life, ( and others, have been “on the sidewalk” across the country & around the globe for many years. The fall campaign begins September 23rd and runs thru November 1; we can always use help filling the time slots (some locations go 24/7) with prayer warriors.

  10. Rev. Juan C. Rivera says:

    It is unfortunate that it has taken over 57 MILLION abortions for the LCMS to finally begin to officially fight against abortion in an intentionally aggressive and verifiable way. What is missing is an admission to the many years the LCMS has been almost entirely indifferent towards the holocaust of the innocents. Writing a CTCR document and/or just talking about the atrocities will not solve ANYTHING. True activism starts from the top and in with inter-denominational alliances who join in the endeavor. I cynically applaud the LCMS for finally yawning its way out of its irresponsible slumber.

    Perhaps now the LCMS will also be ready to lead the way in defense of the Martyrs and Confessors… Talk is cheap. Mobilize the people.

  11. Marie Hanson says:

    So, should we contact Lutherans For Life Ministies, to help us organize sidewalk counseloring in front of PPH?

    I also noticed someone mentioned ?

    Dear LORD, please guide us and lead Your people the courage to protect those who can not protect themselves. And in Your Mercy, deliver us from evil. Amen