Credit union to benefit LCMS members gets charter

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  1. ORChuck says:

    Please start taking a e-mailing list of people who would like to be kept abreast of LFCU’s progress and readiness to accept customers.

  2. Dawn McCollough says:

    Love this! Anxiously awaiting the offering!

  3. L. J. Beckman says:

    This is a very positive newsbreak! Thank you for it.

  4. Joyous news! I’m in without a doubt.

  5. Sharon Mogg says:

    Very interested. Please keep in touch.

  6. Bill Tomlin says:

    Look forward to learning more

  7. Michael Piper says:


  8. Edward Harvilla says:

    Hopefully the executives of this credit union will alert non-resident depositors of the consequences of Missouri tax liability on earnings from deposits in this credit union such as any requirement to file an annual Missouri, non-resident tax return and/or pay Missouri state tax.

  9. LFCU Response says:

    We respectfully submit that the above comment is not applicable to this situation. (As in all personal tax matters, you should consult your tax advisor.)

    1. Edward Harvilla says:

      Doesn’t the requirement to file Missouri tax form MO-1040 for Missouri non-residents, who are required to file a Federal return, and have more than $600 in income from Missouri sources also apply to non-residents with more than $600 income earned on deposits with LFCU?

  10. Kenneth Fanger says:

    I wonder how many church members that now work for other banks will have their job eliminated.
    What’s next, our own supermarket chain?

  11. Pat Pettey says:

    This is wonderful news as credit unions are very beneficial to its members. Besides accounts, personal & business loans, & other such financial institution products and services; credit unions take it one step further by educating and counseling its members[& non-members too]. Members have a say by voting on how the credit unions are run, unlike banks. Board members are volunteers. They are by far very community service oriented. Take it from me as a former banker, who has crossed over to the other side, working for a St Louis area credit union since 2010! [LCMS member & Pastor’s wife!]

  12. helen says:

    Wasn’t LCEF’s reason for being to loan money for the building of new LCMS churches?

    Is this new credit union for LCMS members only, or a mirror image of Thrivent, the “Christian fraternal”?

    [See also, Lutheran Church Canada, ABC district’s investment group, currently in default….
    The CEF up there provided startup money, too.]

    1. LFCU Response says:

      The new credit union sponsored by LCEF is solely limited to serving LCMS congregation members, LCMS church workers, LCMS schools and their students, and entities/agencies of the LCMS.

  13. Al Braun says:

    Very excited about this venture. Thank you LCEF!
    Will there be employment opportunities posted in conjuction with the opening?