Memorial Service Sermon for Dr. Maggie Karner

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  1. Donna Zuehlk says:

    Thanks for your powerful words of hope in the resurrection for all who believe. THIS is a true funeral sermon.

  2. Christine Cravatta says:

    To the dear family of The precious Dr. Maggie Karner, first my heartfelt sadness of the loss of your dear one from this earth, but rejoice that she is in the presence of her savior and that those who believe on Jesus will see her again. I read your dear tribute to your mother. Thank you. Your mother truly lived for Christ and preached the sanctity of life. My dear husband had a stroke three years ago and I was told to let him die for his quality of life would be bad and he would be a burden on his family. Oh my how that turned my stomach. As I met with the ” palliative team ” Aka “death squad ” I had a captive audience as I preached your mothers message also. I praise God for your mothers calling and I praise God for her beautiful family. My family also is learning so much from my husbands illness. But he has shown the doctors his life is still meaningful and God gives us all the grace to care for him. I gave shared your mothers story and my husbands story . My prayers of comfort for Maggie’s family . Love you all and God bless your strength and faith. Christine Cravatta