LCMS U director offers encouragement, hope in wake of SCOTUS marriage ruling

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  1. Michelle says:

    In regards to today’s Supreme Court ruling what would happen if a gay couple walks into a church and wants to get married there or wants the pastor to marry them at another location? What impact will this have on religion as a whole? I’m so confused praying for some understanding!

    1. Tim says:


      Our Lutheran congregation drafted a marriage policy some time ago in anticipation of this Supreme Court decision. Congregations have the right to conduct marriage ceremonies exclusive of the scenario you are talking about. But it’s best that they have something approved on paper if they are challenged on the matter.


  2. Jill Eischer says:

    Thank you, Reverend Zill, for your reassuring words – and for the reminder that we are God’s children! I especially was moved by the comment that we are not the walking dead, but we are those who walk wet in the name of Christ, who marked us as His own in Baptism.

  3. Isaac says:

    This is the best approach to the issue.

    We are all sinners, and we are all saved in Christ. It is a reminder not to get hung up pretending that we Christians are not without sin – but acknowledge it daily and ask forgiveness.

    There have been periods in the past where homosexuality and “freedom” of choice in this regard was rampant (eg Rome, Greece, etc.) as it is today, so this is not an entirely new animal. What makes it new is allowing it to have the word “marriage” and the various secular rights associated with the word “marriage”.

    However, we must not accept a secular definition of God’s plan.

    It may come down to the same way we attempt to differentiate ourselves in Holy Communion as Lutherans. The name “Communion” is widely used in various churches throughout the world – but the meaning is different for the Lutheran church based on the oaths we take and the meaning understood and associated with it. In the same way we can distinguish marriage as God’s intended plan by continuing to uphold it’s long standing definition by God in the Lutheran Church.


  4. Mercedes Hoffman says:

    We must never forget that it was God whom defined the Union of marriage. Man can not and must not try to change that union and in so doing, defile His word. Who are we to think that we know better then God as to what marriage should be?

  5. JF Fiechtner says:

    There are many Pastors serving in churches that will unite gays. Also many lay men and woman that are certified to officiate in uniting couples legally. Pastors have been guiding couples for for decades on the traditional Bible based marriage ceremony. I don’t expect that will change.

    I think the Christian religion will grow stronger because of the recent ruling. We are alive and well, and working hard 🙂

    God’s Blessings to you, and keep praying! 🙂