Arnold Kromphardt, former Eastern District president, dies

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  1. Wayne Harman says:

    Rev. Kromphardt was a wonderful man of God, we pray

    God’s blessings for Caroline and his family.

    Wayne & Helen Haman
    Zion Lutheran Church
    Accident, MD

  2. Barbara De Long says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Pastors passing away. We were friends at First Lutheran in Inverness. My prayers to Caroline and the family. God Bless

  3. Stephen Vogt says:

    Rev. Kromphardt was a real person. He was one of several who came to Concordia, NY on a regular basis to give seminary bound students encouragement and advice. He opened up his heart to us, he prayed with us and ate with us, and shared with us the challenges, the joys and sometimes the frustrations of ministry. Back in the 1970s we all needed that. A man of God I’m sure he was, but he was a real person, personable, honest. A joy to have known.