Delegates act on marriage, same-sex marriage, outreach to Muslim neighbors

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  1. Avatar SIDNEY LOGGINS says:

    unanimous … wow, happy to see that.

    1. Avatar Brad says:

      carried nearly unanimously.


  2. Avatar Sonya Lyman says:

    May Gods will be done! May the heart and minds of those who oppose Him be softened and may they know that conviction that bring them to His abounding mercies. Amen

  3. Avatar Larry says:

    Amen, Stay true!

  4. Avatar Steven Soerens says:

    All of us are sinners.
    All of us can be forgiven sinners.
    In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Avatar Ed M. says:

    Hard to believe we needed a resolution for outreach to Muslims. Shouldn’t we be doing outreach to ALL God’s people regardless of their current beliefs or non-belief? Perhaps the summary provided above isn’t clear enough but it seems pretty targeted at being the politically correct thing to do.