Gen. John Vessey Jr. was mission leader, Joint Chiefs chairman

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  1. John C Bobzin says:

    And their works live after them . . .

  2. CAPT M. G. Steiner, CHC, USN says:

    General Vessey was a true churchman and patriot. His life is an inspiration for us as we continue to follow our Lord’s Commission.

  3. Bill Douglas says:

    I served under Gen. Vessey in Southeast Asia and would very much like to be at any funeral ceremonies which might be open to the public. Do you folks have any updated information on funeral arrangements?

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. This story will be updated as information becomes available so please keep checking back.

  4. Bernie Grebe says:

    Obviously General Vessey was a man of God, with a strong sense of serving his fellow man as well as his God!!

    Well Done Good and Faithful Servant!!

  5. Ravi Jesupatham says:

    Thank you Lord, for the life and witness of this wonderful Lutheran!!!

  6. Curtis L Foreman says:

    I had the privilege of serving as Jack’s pastor for over 4 years. He was truly a humble, man of God, who expressed his faith through faithful worship, in diligent Bible Study, and in loving, Christian service. We will miss him!

  7. Carl Vehse says:

    As noted in a July 15, 1984, NYTimes Magazine article, General Vessey liked to tell stories about Scandinavians in Minnesota but was cautioned when he became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs that ethnic jokes were politically incorrect.

    So Gen. Vessey would tell stories that started, “Let me tell you about these two ancient Hittites, one was named Ole and the other Sven.”