KFUO Audio: Critical issues facing Lutheran schools in today’s political landscape

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  1. Jim Mol says:

    This is interesting. But I am short on time.
    It would be easier to provide a transcript of the broadcast so I can skim over it.

  2. John J Flanagan says:

    Title IX implications are very troubling. The interpretations utilized by the Obama administration to coerce schools and colleges receiving Federal funding into forced compliance with bathroom and transgender policies in violation of student rights and privacy will lead to additional assaults on Christian schools in particular. At face value, these Obama initiated policies are Unconstitutional, but without effective legal challenges and a liberal court system, it appears the laws will work against Christian schools. Presently, it was reported that a WELS Lutheran school, St John’s, in Wisconsin, has already agreed to comply with the Obama administration on gays and transgenders, and at the same time claim to hold to Biblical teachings. Thus, we have churches falling in line because they want to survive as institutions and continue receiving Federal aid. What is wrong here? In America, do we have only fair weather Christians? Is there any will to contend for the faith? The enemies of the church are numerous today, and one wonders how many Christian schools will be left after the smoke clears. Homosexuality helped destroy Sodom and Gommorah, and it will bring God’s judgment upon us as well. How will the LCMS handle this matter? The same way as the “BoyScout Gay issue?” When we as a church should have immediately dropped the Scout sponsorship, some LCMS pastors were reluctant and offered excuses to stay with the Scouts. No doubt, some LCMS schools will find a way to excuse Title IX as well. The days are evil, trials are here, and many will flee.

    1. saloma Smith says:

      We as Christians should not seek government funding for our schools and churches.
      Rather we must help each other so all our kids from actively Christian homes can go to Christian schools. Some families can afford to help poorer families.We must make the sacrifice ! Also I can personally testify to the fact that God provides in many ways.
      No one is poorer because they have given to God. When we give our babies to God the whole church is responsible for the teaching of that child and we must make the sacrifice.
      Here in Ontario there is no government funding for Protestant or evangelical schools, neither should there be.
      When I was raising my children, a single parent, I knew that I could not afford the Christian school but by faith I enrolled them anyway , all 4 of them. Money did not fall from the sky but I got opportunities to earn more money.I was a government school teacher, not very highly paid in those days. But I was selected for jobs I did not even know existed where my salary increased more than the school fees.
      My children and grand children are all serving the Lord (except the youngest who has not yet decided), Two plus one granddaughter and her family are on the mission field.
      A lot of it is due to the teaching of the Christian school and our prayers together for funds. God bless the Christian schools. Government support ? No thanks.