Law and Gospel with Implications for Parish Nursing

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  1. Brian Larson says:

    Wonderful teaching! I am very interested in beginning a Christ centered parish nursing/healthcare ministry through my church here in Beaverton Oregon. If anyone has some good advice/resources, I would appreciate being connected.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comments. Here is a link to our online resources at that you may find helpful. If you find you need additional information, you may email our Health Ministry staff at

  2. Jamie Spikes says:

    WOW, what an interesting hour! Faith, Grace, and Experiences of law and gospel are key elements of parish nursing. The faith of congregational members often needs nursing care. Grace is the remedy for their faith weaknesses. Experiencing law and gospel is the opportunity for lessons learned in parish nursing for the congregational members and the parish nurse. Excellent use of the Cranach painting for setting the stage of law and gospel. For Dr. German to include Luther and Walther as good references besides relying on Scripture was very informational.

  3. Joyce Van Matre says:

    I agree with Jamie! This was a well-spent hour and I could even get more depth out of it if I listened for another hour. What came to mind immediately after the program was Romans 11:33-36, the Doxology. I felt totally enriched with God’s grace in giving me the opportunity to do the work of a parish nurse.

  4. Karen Hardecopf says:

    Thank you Dr. German…. I appreciated your teaching! I have known many of the people within my congregation for many years, so at someone’s bedside I often remember with them how God was faithful in their past…. and because He is faithful, we can know that God will be faithful today and in the future. Thank you again.