ADF’s Baylor delves into legal issues facing LCMS schools

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  1. Ronald H. Roby, Esq, Ret. says:

    Just sent a copy of this to leadership at Emmanuel in Asheville, North Carolina. Based upon my experience with this congregation and others including Trinity in Orlando, Florida there is an attitude of disrespect for having your legal house in order which permeates Syndical school administrations which in my opinion can be traced to St. Louis. A word to the wise is sufficient. Get your house in order folks or suffer the consequences. Peace, R.

  2. Edward Perkins says:

    First let me say thank you to President Harrison for helping the LCMS K-12 Education Dept. understand that the LCMS has got to take serious action NOW or we will find our K-12 schools gone shortly due to the federal govt’s new and ONGOING edicts. We either fight NOW or we will have no opportunity to fight in the future. The LCMS has been too slow in my opinion to address the fed’s developing control over our K-12 schools. This should have happened when Common Core was being pushed on our schools. That was not done. We now have Common Core and its sex ed, climate change, etc., embedded in various ways into our K-12 curriculum. When I tried to get the SWD education leaders and the education dept at St. Louis to address this 3+ years ago I got nowhere. When I brought this up to the head of the SWD Education Dept. I was told “we have to accept the Federal Common Core Program because our Milw. inner city LCMS schools could not survive without the WI State $$$, they would be cut off if we said NO to Common Core.” TODAY, we need to understand you CANNOT GO ALONG TO GET ALONG with the Feds without going along with the devil and what he will teach our children. The Scriptures say, “Be faithful unto death and I will give you the crown of life.” Let us be faithful. That means some of us will have to help more financially IF the feds / states cut off funding. I will, how about you?