Donations make long-term flood recovery possible

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  1. David Bahn says:

    We, too, at St. John in Cypress, Texas were recipients of relief support from LCMS Disaster Relief, including calls from Rev. Ross Johnson, who provided some very helpful insights and practical/operational guideline ideas, an on-site visit from Rev. Michael Meyer, from LCMS Disaster Releif, and grant efforts to help with our outreach efforts to people in our community who were devastated from the flooding.
    We were fortunate enough to be able to reach out to our community even though three of our six buildings on our church campus were flooded. That happened because people on the ground were willing to go and knock on doors, ask people if they needed help, AND, we had “Flood Buckets” to offer them to get the conversation started.
    In the end, however, all glory to God who allows us to mediate his grace and love in the midst of disaster as well as in good times.
    We thank God for the generous response of LCMS Disaster Relief, including our Texas District leadership. Their love has bolstered our spirits. Thanks be to God!