New missionaries ‘sent’ for service worldwide

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  1. Helen Naumann-Spitzack says:

    Dear Staff,

    How can the LCMS afford to send ten families to be missionaries in various parts of the world but why does the Rev. Dr. Edward Naumann have to raise his own funds to support his trip, family, and service where he has been called to teach our Lutheran seminary students in Nagercoil, India.

  2. Dr. Edward Grimenstein says:

    Dear Helen,

    Thank you for your note. The ten missionaries mentioned in the above article, as well as Dr. Naumann, have all been sent by the LCMS as missionaries (either called or appointed). In addition, all ten mentioned above, as well as Dr. Naumann, also participate in the LCMS’ “Network Supported Model” (NSM) of funding their missions. This means they all participate in the same network building endeavors by encouraging congregations and individuals to support their mission work thorughout the world. The NSM model has proven incredibly successful over the years by having missionaries funded by multiple sources so they are not subject to budgetary fluctuations which could adversely effect the mission field and their own families. In addition, the NSM model does an excellent job of weaving congregations and individuals into the work of the LCMS Office of International Mission. In the end, we have missionaries who are funded in a very fiscally responsible manner, and congregations who are well informed of our missionary efforts throughout the world.

    Thank you for your note.
    The Lord be with you,
    Rev. Dr. Edward Grimenstein
    Associate Executive Director, OIM
    St. Louis Operations