The Church and Mental Health Workshop Audio Presentations

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  1. Henry Ritskes says:

    I have just finished my third reading of Rev. Todd Peperkorn Book. Praise God for the courage that was given him and the Lutheran ministry to assist him and his family both physically and spiritually.

    Pastor Mel of Clarington Lutheran Church has made me aware of the links to the Workshop on Mental Illness and I will be listening to it shortly.

  2. Paula Cate says:

    Many thanks for this. Rev Pflug and Rev Peparkorn especially touched my heart with their open, vulnerable talks. Our family has also experienced mental illness, eating disorders, alcoholism and now, substance abuse in our daughter’s life. It’s heartbreaking, frustrating and lonely. My husband is also a pastor.

    FYI: I had a very difficult time downloading these audiofiles. I tried it with and ipad and a laptop. I didn’t ever get to listen to all of the talks.

    Saddleback Church in CA now has a thriving ministry of Mental Health following the tragic death of Rick and Kay Warren’s son. It’s possible to see and hear their workshops and talks. It sure would be nice if the LCMS would catch up