Rev. Dr. Albert Marcis was longtime SELC District president

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  1. Mark Gerken says:

    Was honored to be one of those who served as vicar under Pastor Marcis. I thank God for Sylvia and him and can’t imagine the lives that have been touched and blessed! Celebrating the victory!

  2. Ronald Roby says:

    Indeed well done good and faithful servant.

  3. Jeanne Simovic says:

    It was an honor to have known him.

  4. Steve Schulz says:

    I also had the joy of being mentored by Pastor Marcis as a vicar. His gentle direction and wise counsel impressed upon me the servant nature of the pastoral office. A true undershepherd of the Good Shepherd, I look forward to seeing him again and rejoicing with him around the throne of the Lamb.

  5. Pastor Ken and Lois Ballas says:

    Though countless people both in and outside our LC–MS will remember brother Marcis as a humble, multi-talented chuchman, Lois and I remember him and his beloved Sylvia primarily as loving members of the body of Christ and also as loving pastor to my dear parents, Michael and Anne Ballas.

    Always fun to be with, whether during our many years of serving together at Haven Board meetings in Florida, during a memorable relaxing weekend visit at the Marcis family lake cottage in Western Ontario, or countless points and places in between, one was left with the underlying conviction that we were ever privileged to be in the presence of a self-giving, genuinely loving Christian couple from whom, though learning much from each and every contact, we knew we could have learned a whole lot more.

    Many are the stories we (and many others) could share with the Marcis children ranging from lighted-hearted mutual enjoyment on a golf course to the even greater joy of following my dear mentor’s impromptu instructions at a Finnish Canadian country church. Whether expressed or not, everything we were privileged to do together ultimately centered in our Brother-Savior Jesus Christ and the furtherance
    of His saving Gospel of forgiveness.

    We thank God for this humble servant of Christ because of whom we will surely meet again in unending praise at the feet of the spotless Lamb who was slain, but who has also begun His reign. Thank You, Jesus!

    Romans 14:7-9

  6. He is a true man of God, and I will go to my grave grateful that as my Vicarage Supervisor he showed me what it looks and sounds like to be a truly missional Pastor and leader. A generation of csl Pastors learned how important “patience” and “tact” are in/for ministry because of President Al.

  7. It was my joy to follow Pastor Marcis as the pastor of Calvary LCMS in Parma, OH. He paved the way for twelve wonderful years of ministry in the midst of a strong Christian family. It was my true delight to minister to Al and Sylvia as members of my flock. As often as they received, they gave back to me richly from the treasures of the LORD. Well done, good and faithful servant…and dear friend. You will be missed until we reunite in the glory of paradise!

  8. John Jameson says:

    What loving mentors Pastor Marcis and Sylvia were to me and my family during my vicarage year (1988-1989)! I remember after my first sermon Pastor Marcis brought me into his office and said, “John, that was not preaching.” His words were not condescending or prideful; rather, they were urgent and compassionate. He knew how important it was to provide God’s people with God’s Word in ways they could understand and apply. His laugh and his smile will always remain precious in my memories.

  9. Veli Kraft says:

    In loving memory of Dr. Albert Marcis

    Dear Sylvia and family –
    Our little white country church at Lappe, Ontario, Canada was the destination each summer of the Marcis family. I began to look forward each July to see them at the worship service starting in the 1950’s and continuing for over 60 years. He was my spiritual mentor. Being the organist for those years I especially appreciated the strong baritone voice that he blessed us with. He always had some good advice to share about his faith. We, at Lappe Lutheran remember Dr. Marcis (and his family) lovingly and for the blessed gift of faith in Jesus that he so freely shared. We are thankful to God for His good and faithful servant. God grant your family comfort and peace. (Matthew 11: 28 – 29).