COP reviews Koinonia Project outcomes, hears president’s report

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  1. Jay says:

    could reading Bible daily along with healthy eating and exercise be of benefit to reducing future health costs to LCMS pensioners thereby leaving more funds for spreading the Godspel of Grace thru faith in Christ as stated in Scripture?

    Please give a link or decription of the Koinonia project.

    1. LCMS Church Information Center says:

      Thank you for your comment. Healthy eating, exercise and regular personal Bible study are key to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health, to be sure. A healthier group of pastors and teachers would mean lower health insurance costs for congregations. That is why Concordia Plan Services works with many entities across Synod to encourage healthier approaches to life and to ministry.

      The best description of the Koinonia Project is found under the Office of the President at

  2. Rev. Timothy J. Henning says:

    I pray that the COP not only are talking about and discussing the names of those church workers/Pastors who are candidates and who seek a Divine Call. More needs to be done; i.e. District Presidents intentionally and purposely sharing with vacant congregations the names of Candidates. With the shortage of pastors the whole church needs to be aware of Candidates who are available to consider a Divine Call! A call does not have to be full-time; but perhaps part-time; even bi-vocational or other arrangement between congregation and worker. Perhaps the Reporter could do a story concerning ordained and commissioned workers who are Candidates!