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Movie review: ‘Dunkirk’

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  1. carla James says:

    There’s this star studded cast but no characters! My husband, a major WWII enthusiast, agreed that an additional 45 minutes or so to develop a relationship with the characters would have made it more enjoyable. The other issue we had with the film was our inability to understand much of the dialogue from these great British actors. While realizing this is likely our shortcoming, we plan to watch it when it hits tv so we can find out what was being said with the aid of closed captioning.

    1. Adam C Feliciano says:

      My thoughts exactly! I really thought it was rather too short to flesh out the characters. I had trouble understanding the dialogue as well.

  2. S. Davis says:

    While I see your point on characterization, I feel that each actor was not one individual soldier, but any soldier. Every soldier. This way, I was able to feel the magnitude of what happened to all the “real” people at Dunkirk, and not for a well formed fictional character. I do agree that I will have to see it again to grasp all of the dialogue but I had no problem grasping the emotion!

  3. Bill H says:

    If you know anything about the British “Tommies” it was they were talkative and had a wicked sense of humor. I was amazed at how quiet these soldiers were on the evacuating ships. In real life you can bet there was cockney dialog from the soldier like “Thanz fo’ the tea and bread but eye was ho’pin’ for a good pint.” Of which one of the women would have replied, “Eye wil’ remem’er to bring the beer fo’ your next evacuation, luv.”

    BTW, over three hundred British and German aircraft fought in the evacuation. You got to see six. The evacuation during a very calm period and the seas were like glass and definitely not with six foot breakers. BTW, that German rifle squad would not have used that trawler for target practice. It gives your position away and somebody can sneak up and toss a grenade in it. No ships were torpedoed next to the shore. Two ships were lost to torpedoes and that was because they left the covered evacuation area. Facts, facts, facts…

    BTW, the last “decent” war movie made was “Blackhawk” down.

  4. R Brockmeier says:

    I saw an interview with one of the last of the actual survivors of the battle (98 years old!). He said the movie was amazingly accurate and even had the effect of his reliving the experience, not always a good thing.