Empowerment Center, including Lutheran Hope Center, opens at Ferguson’s ‘ground zero’

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  1. Justin says:

    While I hope the change and growth that is needed happens, I have to sadly say that I have little confidence that will come about. This is primarily because of an unwillingness to speak truth and recognize what is really needed. Ferguson was the scene of one cop defending his life against a violent criminal. There weren’t “violent protests”, there were violent mobs that rioted, looted, and destroyed the city using false cries as racism as an excuse for their inexcusable actions. And contrary to the statement by the resident, this wasn’t something that could have happened anywhere. History and experience reveals that. It hasn’t happened just anywhere. One only needs to contrast the reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown Jr with the shooting of Justine Damond. Her name will likely not be remembered as much as Michael Brown Jr. Yet she was an innocent white woman shot by a black, Somali police officer in Minneapolis after she called the police to report a crime. There were no riots, looting, or destruction. Until the Ferguson community can take responsibility for their own actions and behavior, I find it unlikely that there will be success in rebuilding that community. And it won’t help if organizations don’t speak truthfully to them about the need to realistically assess the problems. But I pray nonetheless that God’s will guides the efforts here.

    1. Joseph says:

      Well said. I too live in Ferguson. I live in reality.

      1. Bob says:

        I don’t live in ferguson and agree a cop defended himself. I am concerned with opening sentence in this article that this “event ” gives a fresh look at racism. The police officer was not a racist. The community acted poorly with violence, to this day people think hand up don’t shoot really happened what a shame

  2. Randy Plumb says:

    Thank the Lord!