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Movie review: ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

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  1. Rev. David Mueller says:

    The cruciform thing with the ferry was not lost on this viewer. (Looking for it since it was there in Spiderman 2 or 3 in the Toby series.) But I also appreciate that Peter *isn’t* the Messiah in that scene–his efforts fail. That’s both a good thing, and I suppose also not so good. Refreshingly, no “super-hero” is truly the Savior we need. All the super-heroes in the MCU are most certainly flawed, or at least finite. Spiderman needs help to save the endangered passengers, and the danger is partly of his own making. Otoh, the use of that cruciform image and the *failure* of Spiderman *here*, over against the *successful* self-sacrifice in the Toby train scene of years past makes me wonder if there isn’t a hidden message against *any* sort of “messiah”, including the One who Is.
    Nevertheless, I really do like this Spiderman. As I think about it, he and Cap have been my favorite comic book characters since I was a kid. And this one is excellent.
    Only one little bit of “get real”: A senior girl says “yes” when a freshman or sophomore boy asks her to Homecoming? Seriously? Suspended disbelief, sure, but *this* is beyond the pale!