Stewardship conference set for June 9-10

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  1. Harold A. Melser says:

    I have a very long stewardship journey beginning 1976-1980 as an LCMS Associate Stewardship Counselor and in the late 90’s served as the Director of the Mission Development Unit. Today, after retiring in ’14 as the Director of Ministry Advancement for Lutheran Hour Ministries, I am serving on several Lutheran RSO Boards. I am interested in attending the Stewardship Conference. However, while I may try to recruit one or more of the Pastors of my multi-campus congregation, I am not sure I can put together a team to attend the Conference from my congregation. What it still be beneficial, as a lay leader not only of my congregations but a number of LCMS RSO’s, for me to attend?

    1. Rev. H. R. Curtis says:

      I think you would definitely get something out of the conference – and probably have a lot to contribute as well! Hope to see you there!

      In Christ,
      Rev. H. R. Curtis

  2. Deborah Hammen says:

    This ministry opened my eyes to a new way of giving. Not because I have to, but because I want to out of joy and thanksgiving.
    A course that is tailored to your congregation. A course that can help you lead your members down the path of stewardship. A course that can help your church reach debt freedom.