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2018 tax reform: What does it mean for religious employers and workers?

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  1. Mary Ellen Wood says:

    The article links a tax worksheet. The article says that unreimbursed business expenses are no longer deductible. The worksheet has that as a deduction to income. Wondering if the accounting department just put a new date on an old sheet?? Or are they deductible? Thanks!

  2. Karen Sansone says:

    To you, the linked worksheet appears to allow a deduction to income tax for unreimbursed business expenses contrary to the article. However, the worksheet shows a subtraction for unreimbursed business expenses in the process of calculating self-employment tax. Although unreimbursed employee business expenses can no longer be deducted for income tax purposes, these can still be used to reduce net earnings subject to self-employment tax. The worksheet does replace an old one and we believe it is correct.

    Karen M. Sansone, MAcc, CPA
    LCMS, Director of Tax & Compliance