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Council of Presidents signs Harrison’s abortion statement

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  1. Phil Schwarz says:

    I think the letter to the Governor’s of the two States is very good, but I would go another step further. I would also address and send the letter to the President (Executive Office), and to the Senate and House majority and minority leaders, so they also know the view of our denomination. If this has been done, very good, I apologize for my oversight, if it has not, please consider. Thank you, a friend from Texas.

  2. Sarah says:

    Well done, LCMS. Next it’s time to disaffiliate from Lutheran World Relief. We are unevenly yoked with the apostate ELCA. This week the African, Asian and East European Methodist churches rejected the Americans who flout the Bible and their own church law. The LCMS should not allow even one ELCA person to represent us in LWR. Stop giving them LWML quilts to distribute in our name. The ELCA LSTC seminary is now promoting open marriage as ‘healthy’. See their proposal, “Naked and Unashamed”
    Cheryl, Please write an article about this ELCA proposal.